Support PythonXY with ArcGIS

Idea created by nmiller on Nov 30, 2014
    Partially Implemented
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    The science community likes to utilise Python site packages that are not included with the default installation of python included with ArcGIS 10.3. The science community also likes to write python scripts using a richer editing environment than the IDLE window provided with ArcGIS for Desktop. The science community likes to write python scripts with an advanced IDE such as Spyder.

    The installation of PythonXY ( ) onto a PC will allow users to utilise additional python site packages to those included with the ArcGIS installation and would also provide a much richer IDE for authoring python scripts than IDLE.

    Esri Support state that installing ArcGIS on a machine that has PythonXY already installed is not supported. Despite this, the system requirements for ArcGIS 10.3 do not specify that you CAN NOT install any other software alongside ArcGIS.

    If Esri is serious about supporting the scientific community and serious about how the future of ArcGIS will rely on users working with Python, then Esri should support a  richer Python IDE than IDLE and also support other Python site packages.

    Currently if you install ArcGIS for Desktop and Python XY they do work togethor. If you install the Data Interoperability extension though, ArcGIS breaks.

    Whilst 10.3 will include additional site packages, it doesn't include 'all' the site packages included with PythonXY and it also doesn't include a richer IDE for writing pythonscripts such as Spyder.