Editor Tracking - Please add Config Options that specify Edit Types to be Tracked

Idea created by hydrotasmaniaGIS on Nov 25, 2014
    • hydrotasmaniaGIS
    • jblair_lcog
    • slim@unitedwater
    The Editor Tracking 'Enabled' needs configuration options to control exactly what editor changes to data are actually tracked. It is currently 'all or nothing' in terms of Editor Tracking.

    What we really want is the ESRI ‘Edit Tracking’ tool configurable to only flag changes made to actual geometry (modify of the Point, Polygon or Line). And/Or perhaps ability to exclude specific attribute fields from 'Edit Tracking'?

    New features are fine as they get auto-stamped with the correct ‘Created Date’ but the ‘Modifed Date’ metadata isn’t working effectively at our site. This is because we only want ‘Modifed Date’ to change when edits have been made to a features 'geometry'. We want a configuration option to ignore edits made to a features set of  'attibute fields'.

    We have a nightly pyhton scripts iterating through featureclasses as per needed to support SAP Integration. It results in flagging all features as being 'Modified' within the 'Edit Tracking' even though only One specifc individual attribute field has its value being changed by the nightly script.

    Is it possible to please provide more flexibility with 'Edit Tracking' as I suspect that this woould be widely appreciated.