Business Analyst Trade Area wizard AREA_ID field too small

Idea created by buck.dwyer on Nov 25, 2014
    • ArleneB
    • buck.dwyer
    • 1_Juliaan.Doppen-McCosker
    The AREA_ID field that gets created and filled out by Business Analyst while running the Trade Area Wizard - Create New Trade Area - Simple Rings or Drivetimes is only 20 characters long, not nearly big enough.  This field gets populated by the "Store_ID" field that we assign, in my case I like it to be intersections which are unique, and adding _1, _2, and _3 to them per trade area for that point.  This field is important when running demographic reports as it is the default used and it needs to be unique.  BA deciding that this field can be a max of 20 characters is crazy and should be much larger.  This has to be an easy and helpful fix.  Please write comments if you need me to clarify in any way.  Thanks!