Pan to Layer in Table of Contents in ArcMap

Idea created by on Nov 19, 2014
    • enile
    • oceanrac
    • dsteup
    Pan to Layer (in addition to Zoom to Layer) is needed to refocus the map without changing the zoom level (map scale).

    There should be Pan to Layer option (and/or shortcut key) when in the Table of Contents (TOC), to match the Zoom to Layer.

    If you have hundreds of Data Layers listed in the TOC, each with Features of similar extents and that are far apart geographically, and you need to view them one after the other, wouldn't it be nice to right-click on the next Data Layer in the TOC, and be able to Pan to Layer?

    The current steps are:

    1. Right-click Layer > choose Zoom to Layer
    2. Go to up the Map Scale and return to a preferred, fixed scale, choosing it from the list.

    Pan to Layer would make Step 2. above redundant.

    Surprisingly, this doesn't exist!  Further discussion here: