BAO - Customize Secondary Name

Idea created by buck.dwyer on Nov 19, 2014
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    In BAO (Business Analyst Online - what our organization uses to run demographic reports), I appreciate the ability to "Edit Name" for our main site name, which in turn ends up being the Title 1 / Header 1 on the Demographic Report that is exported, but we would really like the ability to edit the secondary name, too.  Can you please add this option?   When placing a pin on the map for a new site, it automatically generates an address and most of the time our users would rather have an intersection there rather than an address so you allowing us the ability to edit that will really save us time and get our users to buy-in to using BAO as they are hesitant right now due to this (among other inabilities to customize like not having our own fusion reports).  

    Please let me know if you need me to explain this any better.  This would be a change that I think all users would greatly benifit from and appreciate.