Symbolize features based on scale

Idea created by jmiller7997 on Nov 13, 2014

    I've seen similar posts in this forum, but none worded quite the way I am thinking, so here goes....

    It would be great to have the ability to change the symbology of a feature based on what scale you are zoomed to.  For instance, at 1:50,000 scale, one may want to show a park polygon with a green shaded fill. However, when zoomed in to a 1:3000 scale, we may want to see the same feature as a hollow fill with a green outline.

    While this can be accomplished by adding the same feature class multiple times, symbolizing as desired, and changing the visible scale range, when converting to a map service consumed by a CMMS, this can cause problems.  When attempting to attach a feature to a work order, you want to ensure that just one feature is being selected, and this is difficult to accomplish if there are stacked, identical, duplicated features.