• Can view the attachment in Survey123 from workforce

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to integrate Workforce and Survey123 so that the attachments which i attach in Workforce can be view in Survey123 form.?    First i will create a assignment i...
  • Esri Workforce 'Unable to open project'

    Hello,   I am receiving an error message when trying to access a Workforce project that i have been using for several months. It has only suddenly shown this error message:   Any assistance would be grea...
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  • Error when importing a feature class in a geodatabase file

    Hello everyone,  I am trying to import a feature class from an shapefile or another geodatabase to a new empty file geodatabase.  It returns me an error 000210: Cannot create output/ The item was not found...
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  • Unable to Open Project Error on iPad

    I've created my first Workforce project but when I try to open it on an iPad I get "Unable to Open Project; Invalid project, missing tracks item ID and service URL". I created a second project, thinking I might have m...
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  • Workforce Not Loading Assignments/Workers

    We have a couple of workforce projects that are opening, but not loading any assignments or workers. The data is still in ArcGIS Online, but the "loading" message never goes away. When the assignments finally show up,...
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  • Unable to add layers to the Workers Map

    Hi,   I need to add a layer to the Mobile Workers Map in Workforce so that the agents in the field can see if this new layer overlaps with their assignment. I've tried adding in the layer and saving the web map ...
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  • Workforce Mobile App (Android) - untrusted host

    We may have already resolved this issue but I'll post this in here anyway in case others run into the same error.    After 3 months of not using Workforce (due to COVID lockdown) some of our mobile workers ...
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  • Customise "Declined Reason" with Domains

    Hi,    We've been using Workforce for almost 2 years now, and the current workflow of declined assignments is working fine, but requires a person to determine the next action. With the "declined reason" bei...
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  • Couldn't open project..??

    Hi.   I am using newest Android beta version of workforce. When I try to open project from mobile I get an error: Couldn't open project..??
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  • Workforce Editing Workers Table Via REST API and integromat

    I have a workers table  as part of a workforce project that i have added fields to and i use integromat to update each field following the submisison of a survey123 form as required. I thought it was working fine...
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  • Edit the values of an existing assign_type domain

    Hello,   When creating my project, I entered several types of assignments. Then I assigned this types to my newly created assignments. Today I would like to change the type value description of one existing type...
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  • Calculate job time in workforce

    Is there a way to calculate the time between a job being assigned and completed in workforce? I cannot seem to find any examples or resources any pointers would be useful.  Many thanks 
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  • Workforce and automating with GitHub scripts

    Hello.  We are trying to understand the overall workflow in using Workforce, Collector, and Survey123, along with the Workforce Python scripts on GitHub to automate creating and assigning work assignments.  ...
  • Integrate workforce with Citizen Problem Reporter

    Is it possible / what is the best workflow to integrate workforce with citizen problem reporter?   Do you need to work with both citizen problem dashboard and with workforce dashboard to see incoming problems an...
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  • There is no functionality to turn on/off layers or change the base map from a mobile device?

    Is there any way or future enhancement to allow users of mobile devices to turn on/off layers of change the base map of the Worker Map?
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  • Unable to create project In Workforce

    I'm currently unable to create a project in Workforce , the process usually stop at 22% and reads one of the two following messages. 1.Unable to create projects : Read timed out   2.Unable to create project...
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  • workforce

    hola la aplicacion app no funciona
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  • Unable to load map layer in Workforce app on iPhone

    I recently created a Workforce project and shared a web map with the group I created to use in this project. I attached the map and its layers to both the dispatcher and worker maps and it displays all of the features...
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  • Can custom fields be added to the assignment layer?

    Hi all.   Can you, or is it on the radar, to be able to add custom fields to an assignment layer?   We currently have a point feature class of our own that we use as our jobs layer to track work. We have a...
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  • Multiple managers of Workforce project

    Is there a way to configure a work for project so that multiple users can invite others to the project, i.e multiple project managers? As far as I can tell only the user who created the workforce project can invite ne...
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