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The Workforce team has been working on some new Jupyter Notebooks that demonstrate different ways that Workforce can be automated. We're pleased to announce that the following notebooks are now available in our Workforce-Scripts Github repository:


Let us know what you think and what other examples you'd like to see in the future!

Last week, Esri released an update to the ArcGIS API for Python (v1.4.1). Among the many updates, this release included a new API for managing projects within Workforce for ArcGIS!


We’ve had sample scripts hosted on GitHub for several years which show how to use Python to accomplish many tasks such as programmatically loading assignments from external data sources, importing and managing workers, removing completed assignments, and more. However, several of those scripts require extensive knowledge of the Workforce project schema and rules. In an effort to simplify the automation of Workforce tasks, the ArcGIS API for Python now includes a specific module for managing Workforce projects. 


This is awesome new functionality that will greatly improve and simplify your Workforce automation workflows. We plan to update the workforce-scripts repo in the coming weeks to use this new module. In the meantime, please check out this this Jupyter notebook which highlights how to use the new Workforce module.


Additional documentation about the workforce module can be found here.