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I want to be able to ensure that when an assignment is completed on workforce, that our workers/squads, ultimately have to attach a photo of the completed work before they can mark it as completed.
in Workforce for ArcGIS
I created a project and work was added to the scope of the project.  I would like to add assignment types to the project.
in Workforce for ArcGIS
Is there a way to view related tables/info in Workforce?  I can see the table in the AGOL Dispatcher/Worker maps but I don't see the table when viewing the map through the Workforce web/mobile app.   Thanks, Michelle
in Workforce for ArcGIS
Hey Guys, I was wondering to split an workforce assignment in two. The idea is simple I have two validations to do in a field. One will be made by a field leader. This guy will do his acept in the order doing a form validation in Survey 123 and "closing" his part of the assignment. The second is: at the moment we have OK status of field leader… (Show more)
in Workforce for ArcGIS
Anyone out there using workforce with IOS devices?   If so are you running into any  issue reporting proper location or at least showing up accurately in the Dispatcher side of workforce?     All Android phones work fine.      When I say proper we have iphones reporting locations that are more than a mile away.    
in Workforce for ArcGIS
Any news on when Windows 10 users will be getting Workforce?
in Workforce for ArcGIS
We've successfully integrated Survey123 with Collector using custom URLs in popups but we are hitting a roadblock while integrating Survey123 with Workforce using the same method. In Workforce, the same URL will successfully download the target survey but none of the parameters therein are passed on.   I see that Workforce can integrate with both… (Show more)
in Workforce for ArcGIS
Click to view contentAttempting to duplicate the process in this example from a few months ago.   I have configured my dispatcher map to be searchable by layer:   However, my dispatcher map within my Workforce project does not appear to be searchable by feature layer as I've defined it:   Is there a second step to make my layers searchable in Workforce, or is… (Show more)
in Workforce for ArcGIS
How can I assign surveys submitted from Survey123 into Workforce? I have applications that have been submitted, now I want to assign those submitted surveys to my inspectors for them to edit and inspect. How can this be done and is it easy?
in Workforce for ArcGIS
I have a land cover raster. I changed all the land cover values to 1 and 0. Now i want to change the raster values based on distance. Based on raster value 1, i want to change raster value of surronding raster until it reaches to 0. for example, if i have a cell value 1, all the sourrounding rasters value to 0.9 and in decreasing order by every… (Show more)
in Workforce for ArcGIS
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