• Women In GIS Breakfast during FedGIS?

    Has anyone heard if there is going to be a Women In GIS Breakfast during FedGIS next week?  If so, when and where? I remember last year's was cancelled last minute due to the snow storm.   Thanks, Diana
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  • What about the restroom congestion at 2019 ESRI UC?

    First- Thank you for the Women in GIS events at ESRI UC 2019.    Now, to the restroom wait times and inequitable outcome issue. While I was walking around during the UC, I noticed that some restrooms always...
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  • Seeking support to attend a conference.

    Hi there, for the past one month I have been crowd-funding to attend this year's FOSS4G and with the amazing support from the Geospatial and tech community, I have raised 3/4 my target. If you can, kindly support me,&...
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  • UC2019_AMA_WomensPanel.pdf

  • Celebrating Diversity

    Innovation blooms from a diverse field of ideas. Moving forward and upward requires opening our minds to concepts beyond what they would imagine on their own.   There is no better way to start a brainstorming se...
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  • How do I join the group

    Hello All,   I am following this group but don't see events or discussions unless I come to this forum.  If I'm allowed to join the group will i get notifications when an event is coming up?   thanks ...
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  • UC 2019: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Events

    The Esri team is gearing up for the 2019 UC in San Diego, and we're proud to host a series of events that explore how GIS can empower movements for diversity, equity, and inclusion.    O...
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  • Celebrate Pride Throughout LGBTQ Month

    In honor of LGBTQ Month, I put together this Story Map celebrating the history of Gay Pride in the U.S. It includes a map of some of the larger Pride events all over the world, so check it out!   https://wecan.m...
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  • Looking for an ESRI app developer!

    We have an outdated app that we need refreshing. It was originally created using Qt/AppStudio. It is a fairly simple app that allows the user to search for a parcel of land via parcel ID, owner or location. Once they ...
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  • LUNAFEST Film Festival!

    LUNAFEST Film Festival is THIS FRIDAY! Short films by, for, and about women.  For the seventh year in a row, LUNAFEST is coming to Redlands. This traveling fundraising film festival is dedicated to promoting awa...
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  • My mom at the AAG

    This week is the American Association of Geographers (AAG) annual meeting in Washington D.C, and this year, of all years, I wish so much that I was attending. My mom, Dr. Jody Emel, retired from her long career as a p...
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  • Female Keynoter at Dev Summit?

    Interesting and important thread on github at https://github.com/Esri/devsummit-feedback/issues/20#issuecomment-476711862    I think the time is right (and ripe!) for the Dev Summit, regardle...
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  • Women in the Governance: Exploring Inequality in Indian Parliament through a Storymap

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  • Book Review | Women and GIS: Mapping Their Stories

    Happy Women's History Month! Over the last few weeks, the Women's Empowerment and Career Advancement Network (WeCan) at Esri posted stories, resources, and more to help you learn about and participate in WHM. To honor...
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  • Lunafest film festival - for women, by women, about women!

    Friends - hope you will join me for the film festival on April 12th evening. The funds raised will support women with scholarships to go to college!   Where: Esri Auditorium When: April 12th, 2019, Friday 0...
  • Gender-Inclusive Language in the Workplace

    Recently, I had the chance to facilitate a WeCan (Women's Empowerment and Career Advancement Network) Discussion Circle about gender-inclusive language in the workplace. In researching the topic, I learned a lot about...
  • WeCan @ DevSummit 2019

    WeCan hosted a session at DevSummit called WeCan Share and Connect: Women's Idea Exchange. It wasn't your typical DevSummit meet-up! At the exchange, attendees empowered one another to achieve their goals and build st...
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  • Happy International Women's Day

    March 8th is International Women's Day.  International Women's Day (IWD) has occurred for over a century, with the first IWD gathering in 1911 supported by over a million women and men. IWD is...
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  • Happy Women's History Month!

    March is Women's History Month in the US, meant to honor the long history of women's contributions to social, technical, and cultural progress in this country, and to recognize the struggles women have faced alon...
  • WeCan Interview Series - Dawn Wright

    Over the course of February, Esri celebrated Black History Month by highlighting the outstanding trailblazers and role models at Esri whose significant contributions ripple through the scientific community every day.&...
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