• Seeking support to attend a conference.

    Hi there, for the past one month I have been crowd-funding to attend this year's FOSS4G and with the amazing support from the Geospatial and tech community, I have raised 3/4 my target. If you can, kindly support me,&...
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  • Looking for an ESRI app developer!

    We have an outdated app that we need refreshing. It was originally created using Qt/AppStudio. It is a fairly simple app that allows the user to search for a parcel of land via parcel ID, owner or location. Once they ...
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  • Female Keynoter at Dev Summit?

    Interesting and important thread on github at https://github.com/Esri/devsummit-feedback/issues/20#issuecomment-476711862    I think the time is right (and ripe!) for the Dev Summit, regardle...
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  • Lunafest film festival - for women, by women, about women!

    Friends - hope you will join me for the film festival on April 12th evening. The funds raised will support women with scholarships to go to college!   Where: Esri Auditorium When: April 12th, 2019, Friday 0...
  • Creating Mutually Empowering Relationships

    Women seeking leadership roles often report a lack of good mentors as an obstacle to their career growth; In a 2017 LinkedIn survey, 82% of respondents said that having a mentor was “important or very important&...
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  • Recap: Negotiation Lean-In session

    Today we have another lean-in circle!   I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back on our session two weeks ago about negotiations. Thank you to everyone who participated. We had some really insightful co...
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  • Celebrating Firsts in United States Politics

    Story map tour of all the firsts from this Tuesday's Midterm Elections, according to NY Times: https://arcg.is/1ruqLr 
  • Intro to Coding webinar discussion

    Esri’s Women’s Empowerment & Career Advancement Network (WeCan) hosted an Intro to Coding webinar on Thursday, September 13, 2018. This thread is to continue the conversations and learning we star...
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  • How to Gain Control of Your Free Time

    At Esri, the WeCan community meets regularly to build community and share professional resources. Last week we focused our discussion around the TedTalk "How to Gain Control of Your Free Time" by time management exper...
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  • Please “adopt a girl” for $20 (STEM CONFERENCE)

    Please “adopt a girl” for $20!! AAUW (American Association of University Women) is a national organization that focuses on sending young women who (for whatever reason) had to take a break from a college...
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  • Opportunity to mentor girls using GIS

    Esri's Schools Mapping Software Bundle is available to all K12 youth-serving clubs, such as Girl Scouts ... and Girl Scouts just launched 30 new STEM badgesVideo Girl Scouts launch new STEM badges This ...
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  • Work life balance and parenthood

    WeCan hosts lunchtime Lean In discussions here at Esri every few weeks, each with a specific topic.  The topic of a session about a month ago was working motherhood.  We touched on all sorts of issues, ...
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  • Women In Cybersecurity

    Just found out about this organization Women In Cybersecurity (WiCyS).  If you are a woman in cybersecurity or are interested in a career in cybersecurity, WiCyS offers networking, education and conferences. ...
  • The little things go a long way

    Last week, a group of my female colleagues and I met with one of the few directors at our company that happens to be a woman. We wanted to pick her brain about what she has learned about being a woman in the GIS/tech ...
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  • Embracing the near win–how the near wins can push us forward to reaching our goals

    We never get it right the first time – it takes practice. My first map is full of flaws and my first academic paper was barely readable. As I continued through my career in Remote Sensing and GIS, my papers got ...
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  • Acknowledging and overcoming our implicit bias

    Implicit bias is a subconscious attitude that can unknowingly affect our actions or decisions. It can also impact our work environment. Everyone wants to find the perfect work environment and work on a team that opera...
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  • Expectations for WGF GeoNet group?

    What are your expectations for this group? For example: What do you hope to gain from this community?  What resources would you like to see more of?  How do you see yourself contributing to this group?&...
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  • WeCan Empower Your Voice at Esri UC 2018

    One of the reasons WeCan started the Women's Geospatial Forum is the incredible response we received to the WeCan Empower Your Voice session at the Esri user conference this year.  WeCan's mission is to empower w...
  • Teach Girls bravery, not perfection - getting comfortable with imperfection and taking risks

    Often times we get caught up in working to be perfect. We strive to make the perfect map, write the most robust code, or obsess over making the right decisions. But, in our pursuit for perfection do we lose the opport...
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