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We are excited to announce the Women's Geospatial Forum on GeoNet. Managed by Esri’s Women’s Empowerment & Career Advancement Network (WeCan), this is the place on GeoNet for women across all geospatial sectors to find information and resources, ask technical or professional questions, and engage in discussions with women and allies in the GIS industry. To find out more about WeCan and why this GeoNet group was created, check out our FAQs document.  


Let's get the conversation going by participating in some of the discussions below. Review the videos or questions and leave your comments. 



At Esri, the WeCan community holds discussions to learn and grow together with the help of free educational materials, expert advice, discussion guides, and more. The videos and topics above are some of the content we've reviewed and found helpful to our growth at the company. We will continue to share more content to the GeoNet group, but encourage you to start discussion topics, post questions, etc. We are excited to see everyone’s contributions and future conversations to come.  


As with any GeoNet group, please remember to adhere to the GeoNet Terms of Use and Guiding Principle