Prefer meeting in-person? See the Women's Geospatial Forum Events Calendar!

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When you want take your passion for women's empowerment offline, go to the Women's Geospatial Forum calendar! This is the place where you can post new events, see past events, or learn more about upcoming events posted by other community members. 



  • I'm not sure if my event is relevant--which events should I post?

If your event seeks to further the success of women in the geospatial and/or STEM community, post it! For Esri internal events, please use the calendar found on the Compass WeCan page. 


  • What kind of events have been featured on the calendar in the past?

Examples of past events include the Dolores Huerta Movie Screening and Discussion, A Redlands Forum event featuring famed hiker Teddi Boston, the User Conference WeCan presentation series, and more. 


  •  How do I create an event?
  1. On the Women's Geospatial Forum homepage, click the Actions drop-down option.*
  2. Select Event. 
  3. Complete the fields, and select any relevant tags that could help spread the word. 
  4. Click Create event. 
  5. Your event now displays on the calendar found on the Calendar tab. 


*Note: You must join the Women's Geospatial Forum group on GeoNet to post events. 


Thanks for working with us to empower women in GIS--this is a grass-roots effort, and we couldn't be successful without your support!



Megan Singleton, WeCan Leader 


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