• Enhanced Search Widget Version 2.11 - 02/08/19

    Live Preview Site Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Enhanced Search widget   List of the latest enhancements and changes: Urls in result attributes are automatically converted to hyperlinks. Fix css rule con...
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  • Point me in the right direction for making this custom widget

    Hi, I want to create a 'simple' custom widget for Web AppBuilder (Developer edition 2.2) and not sure on the right path to take in making it happen.   I have run through this little tutorial Create a custom in-...
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  • Customize Situational Awareness Report

    I'm using Web AppBuilder version 2.8 was wanting to customize the report that gets generated from the situational awareness widget. I know that the map portion of the report can customized based on the print service u...
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  • Popup alert when webmap has a new save date

    Hello, when using web mapping applications, build with the WebApp Builder, on different clients at the same time, changes at the web map (e.g. new layer is added to the webmap) will occur first, then the web map...
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  • Selection Manager missing "Select from current selection"

    Hi all, I'm experiencing an issue in WAB about Selection Manager class: I need to set the tool so that it can make a selection among already selected features; just like ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop) does with its t...
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  • Web AppBuilder custom widget how to add third party node modules?

    I know that ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Desktop is built using Node.js Is there any way we can add the third party node.js modules in Web AppBuilder Desktop using the npm command and then access these modules in the cu...
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  • Issues with ArcGIS Web AppBuilder creating custom widget by inheriting existing widget

    I am trying to extend the inbuilt Select widget in the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder for Desktop using dojo. According to the documentation by ESRI we always inherit the 'dijit/_WidgetBase' module to create the cust...
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  • Has anyone made a custom widget to display related data from a feature selection?

    Hi all,   I'm trying to figure out how to put together a web appbuilder widget that will display a formatted table of related attributes from a selected feature. My customer doesn't like how the out of the box a...
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  • Elevation Profile Widget Version 2.8 - 07/23/2018

    Live Preview Site    Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Elevation Profile Widget   List of the latest enhancements and changes: Updated to WAB 2.8 Added setting to control elevation decimal pre...
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  • A Widget that would summarize all layers

    Good morning everyone.   I have a hazards viewer (https://gis.dogami.oregon.gov/hazvu) On this viewer are many natural hazard layers.  I was wondering if anyone knew of or has developed a widget that would ...
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  • search tool not working in enhanced  search tool drop down not working

    hi there i  recently downloaded the  enhanced search tool from the  WAB widgets page that robert scheitlin created.  I have added the  files in the correct place but when i go to make the sea...
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  • Url Button Widget Version 2.5 - 08/10/2017

    This is just a simple widget to open a URL. The url can be any valid URL Address. The difference between this and just adding a link in WAB, is that this is a button and not a text link. Some have asked for this abili...
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  • Popup Panel Widget Version 2.11 - 02/06/19

    For those of you that don't want the popup to block features on the map or wish you could have selections results info display some where beside the map info window, this is the widget for you. This widget basically t...
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  • How to open widget inside a popup

    hi robert, I have doubt,when we click widget button is it possible to open the widget in popup instead of panel,please let me know anything about this.   thanks Tarun
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  • Can you change Zoom To extent for Attribute table and Pop-up

    Selecting a feature in the attribute table and clicking Zoom To as well as clicking Zoom To in the Pop-up cause the feature to display at a very high scale.   Using Query or Search do not zoom to such an extent ...
    created by TLongSUGF
  • Open custom widget in Pop-up Window instead of panel

    Hi , I am using Web app builder DE 2.10, and have the requirement that , custom widget should open in separate popup window instead of Panel. Please suggest if any work out on this. Thanks in advance.   Chatru
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  • Custom Report In WAB

    Looking to build on reporting in WAB based on this blog post: Creating a Custom Widget for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS using the Report Class | ArcGIS Blog   I want to automatically pull data and pictures fro...
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  • Missing layers in service (and in app)

    Hi!   I have a problem that I cannot solve. Some days ago my layers disappeared from my map service. Only I see the group layers in the rest. See below: Afternoon, it has worked, next morning, when I arrived ...
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  • Change width of summary widget??

    I am trying to change the width of the Summary widget that is displayed in my application using WAB DE. I have located the style.css file (\WebAppBuilderForArcGIS\server\apps\{AppID}\widgets\Summary\css) to change the...
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  • Export Near Me Widget Results

    Currently there is no way to export the results from the Near Me widget in WAB. Is it possible to export the results from the widget as a CSV file? If so, what would be the workflow to achieving this?   Thanks!
    created by mtvetter15