• Adding a feature layer programmatically in Webapp builder edit widget

    I know this question's scope is bigger than some lines of code, but maybe somebody did this already. We have like 40 webmap's and i'm trying to add the editable feature layer with the edit widget, because it's just a...
    created by gregord
  • Image service processing templates into web app

    I have built my web app on top of an image service.  The image service has five different processing templates (natural colour, false colour, ndvi, etc).  When I create the web app, only the natural colour i...
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  • How to remove layer from map in Web AppBuilder

    Hi I am trying to remove layer from map in my web application.And I have  removed the layer from the LayerList widget but this layer show on my map.so please suggest how to remove or hide this layer on map using...
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  • Hide specific layers in Layers Widget as default

    I'd like to have four layers available to the end user of my app, but I only want two of the layers to show when starting up the app.  At the moment all four of them show up whenever I open/edit the web app....
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  • How to add and save a shapefile to Web AppBuilder at run-time

    I created a Web AppBuilder site and added "Add Data" widget to add and save my shapefile, But this widget temporarily load shapefile on the map at the Web AppBuilder run-time. And I want to save paramanetly this layer...
    created by shubh123
  • Smart Editor - "Related Table/Layer" text location?

    I have a Web App (Web AppBuilder Dev Edition) that has the Smart Editor widget enabled on a Feature Service that is published with a Relationship Class on a Table.   Smart Editor is great because it enables the ...
    created by csterling
  • Building web app on top of Image Service

    Sorry, I realise this isn't directly related to widgets.  But seeing as there seem to be image service (IS) specific widgets, I wanted to ask the following question:   Can you build a web app directly on to...
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  • problem in adding geoprocessing custom widget

    Hello guys please I have a problem in adding a geoprocessing custom widget..I only have arcgis online and arcgis server installed ..I don't have portal for arcgis..I shared this geoprocessing service and I can see it ...
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  • There is no appropriate layer available in the map.

    I am new to WAB apps as well as using widgets. I am getting the error "There is no appropriate layer available in the map." in the "Filter Settings" and under "Search Settings" "Select search layer(s)" is em...
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  • Report Dijit With Dynamic Data and Pictures

    I have a base report created using the report dijit example: https://community.esri.com/external-link.jspa?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdevelopers.arcgis.com%2Fweb-appbuilder%2Fsample-code%2Fc…    I have a...
    created by Joerodney
  • Error When Creating Report with Report dijit

    I have tried to create a report using the report dijit and keep getting the following error "Create widget error widgets/Report/Widget". I've explored the following example with no luck Create a custom widget using th...
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  • GPS Button in Smart Editor Widget Doesnt Show (sometimes)

    I've been experiencing inconsistencies working with Smart Editor (V 2.14). Sometimes the GPS Button does not show but sometimes it does.   I have Enabled the option to  "Move Point to GPS Location", however...
    created by 25394
  • Export to Excel widget

    How can I create a widget to export a layer to Excel. I know that currently there exist the option of using the Attributes Table widget  that allows to export to CSV, but this CSV is badly formatted in some ...
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  • Splash Widget Error

    Hi, this isn't a custom widget but the dev here are probably the best people that can help.   I am using ArcGIS enterprise portal build in webappbuilder splash widget. It is a new install and when I attempt to a...
  • Custom Widget, Any Help Appreciated

    Hello! I am in the early stages of recreating a website, and would like to employ Web AppBuilder and Experience Builder to do so. We are wanting to recreate our custom-made website because it is older and we want to ...
  • Issue with LayerList Widget and Uploaded layers

    Issue with LayerList Widget and Uploaded layers. When uploading 2 layers, the 2nd one causes the first one to duplicate it's feature, but that feature a) becomes unhitched from the scale (so you can zoom in and out o...
    created by ericmdg
  • Limiting popup link to individual features

    I have modified the PopupManager.js in WAB 2.5 to have a link that runs a geoprocessing script when clicked. The issue that I am having now is that the link appears for all features in my map but the ge...
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  • Tab Theme header Height Web App Builder Developer Edition 2.16 with 5 logos

    I have created an application using Tab theme of Web App Builder Developer Edition 2.16. i would like to increase the header height and add 3 to 4 logos within it. I am new in development, and sometimes i stuck with i...
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  • Identify Widget,

    I was able to use Robert's Identify Widget with REST map services from ArcGIS Server successfully. Now I need to Identify feature layers that is published on ArcGIS Online. (https://services1.arcgis.com/D9ezssdp37tr9...
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  • Select and Export Report in WAB

    I'm looking to add some functionality into WAB as follows: User selects 5 points from a AGOL feature service within the WAB app Wants to create a report on the 5 selected points so they can hit a button (either in t...
    created by Joerodney