• Web AppBuilder (developer edition) 2.16 - which way to go in developing custom widget to display DWG file?

    I need to develop a custom widget for Web AppBuilder (developer edition) 2.16 in order to display a DWG file (2d or 3d) in 3D scene. The DWG will always be in ITM coordinates (Israel TM grid, that is...
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  • Web-adaptor print service URL not printing AGOL secured layers

    I have made a custom print service for my webapp. All of the layers in this webapp are hosted on AGOL and are shared to specific access groups - but they are not public (this is by design and the layers display perfec...
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  • Roberts Custom WAB Widgets

    All,      Here is a list on my currently available Web AppBuilder widgets for Web AppBuilder 2.x   Enhanced Search Widget Version 2.11 - 02/08/19 Download Link   Live Preview Site ...
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  • Modify a webmap's InfoWindow with javascript in WAB

    I made a custom popup for a specific layer. But my method is really not good for Web Appbuilder/WebMap environment. Section from the customPopup widget:         map = new...
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  • Adding extern SOAP libray to WAB Custom Widget

    I am trying to use `tinysoap` library (https://github.com/mhzed/tinysoap) in an Web AppBuilder Custom Widget.    I am able to use this library in WebAppBuilder application, as I show on the following sample...
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  • WAB Export to CSV Disable X Y Columns

    Hi There,   By default when exporting an attribute table in a Portal App that has been created with WAB2.6  X,Y fields are generated automatically for point data:   Export to CSV—Exports the att...
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  • Web App Builder Developer Edition - Direction Widget Bug when using with Layer List Widget

    Hello everyone.  Not sure if this has been reported, but I believe I found a bug associated with the Directions widget for the Web App Builder Developer Edition.  This was not an issue in Version 2.15, but i...
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  • Public Notification Widget Record Limits

    Is there a way to remove the 1,000 record limit in the Public Notification Widget in WebApp Builder or the Public Notification Solution?   
    created by rkain
  • Add record to related table for every selected feature?

    I know you can edit one related record at a time, but you can't select multiple feates and add a record to each.  For example;  Add flushing services / records to the related table, for multiple selected hyd...
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  • Onscreen widget Slot not released from remove

    Hi, I have a widget that appear onscreen. However what I have noticed is that       when I remove the widget, the slot isn't returned, see image below. Note the 1 is missing.     My...
  • Adding Third Party Library to WebAppbuilder

    Hi All, I have added third party library (Devextreme) in webappbuilder. The path i have added is folder of library is given below.   Myapplication/libs(folder)/dvextreme   These files i have referenced in in...
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  • Export current map to new webmap

    Hi I am seeking advise on generating the webmap json that be be used to add a new webmap to portal. As I understand the map json generated from exportwebmap used by the print service has a different specification to t...
  • Layer Toggle Button Widget Version 2.14 - 01/13/2020

    This is just a simple widget to toggle a configured layer(s) on and off using a button. The layer(s) can be a whole map service layer or a specific sublayer(s) in a map service. This widget will sync with the LayerLis...
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  • eSearch widget not displaying web map Popup

    Does the eSearch widget not work work with Arcade expressions even though I've configured it to display the web map popup? I have a simple map for testing with only a basemap and 1 operational layer. I have configured...
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  • Web AppBuilder (developer edition) 2.17 - how to import KML? shapefile? gdb?

    I need to develop a custom widget to import 2D or 3D KML or shapefile(s) or gdb into the 3D Scene. I'm still a newbie, and in great need of instructions where to look and/or code examples. Help will be appreciated. ...
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  • Enhanced Search Widget Version 2.13 - 09/25/19

    Live Preview Site Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Enhanced Search widget   List of the latest enhancements and changes: Made UI design change for when there is only one search layer. Added search results h...
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  • Add Widget Containers to Jewelry Box Theme?

    I'd like to add two extra widget containers to the Jewelry Box theme panel. I've attached an image to show where I'd like to add them. I was able to add them in 2.2, but now in 2.3 when I made the same modifications t...
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  • in creating screenshot custom widget - how to insert the html?

    In ArcGIS Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 2.16, I have to create in-panel custom widget to make a screenshot, based upon Take a screenshot of a SceneView | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.15   As I'm re...
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  • notification widget

    In ArcGIS Webapp Builder.  Can the 1000 label limit be changed.    Would like to create mailing lists more than 1000 records.
    created by rkain
  • Screenshot Widget

    Screenshot      (WAB 1.x works / WAB 2.x unknown)   This widget is designed to take a screenshot of the entire viewport of the WebApp window. Widget bar and all. It then prompts the user to open or...
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