• LocalLayer times out with WMS?

    Hi, I have locallayer widget installed (not sure which version...) and it's working pretty good, but I've found the WMS layer seems to stop working after some time and the layer no longer displays. I have to stop and ...
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  • Add record to related table for every selected feature?

    I know you can edit one related record at a time, but you can't select multiple feates and add a record to each.  For example;  Add flushing services / records to the related table, for multiple selected hyd...
    created by OakdaleGIS
  • Kevin's Custom WAB Widgets

    Hi All, here are some custom Esri Web App Builder widgets I have created. They each have their own thread, like Robert's.   I also put together a package that assembles all of these widgets and many various othe...
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  • Group layers in the layerlist widget

    Hello! I need to create layer grouping within the layerlist widget. I am using version 2.2 of the web appbuilder. When we created the layers on the server as mapserver, the created groups were respected by the layer...
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  • HELP!! change my server URL from localhost:6080 to an arcgis URL..

    hey guys I have a problem I want to change my arcgis server URL from localhost:6080 to an arcgis URL..because when I publish my geoprocessing services and I want to add a custom widget in web appuilder ...
    created by MedMzouri
  • Other users cannot see layers only me.

    I've installed WAB 2.11 on our ArcGIS server, along with LocalLayer. It's working except that I'm the only person who can see the services published to ArcGIS Server. I've gotten someone else to log into the server an...
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  • Custom filter widget for layer

    Hello! If possible, I would like help from friends on the forum. I need to create a custom widget for the web appbuilder, where I can make available to the user, filter options for a specific layer. Example: I ...
  • Roberts Custom WAB Widgets

    All,      Here is a list on my currently available Web AppBuilder widgets for Web AppBuilder 2.x   Enhanced Search Widget Version 2.11 - 02/08/19 Download Link   Live Preview Site ...
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  • LocalLayerWidget Version 2.5 and AccessifizrWidget Layer - 09/28/2017

    I've been having a blast playing around with the new Web AppBuilder, and have taken a few cracks at putting together some custom Widgets that I'd like to share with the community.  I hope these can assist in ever...
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  • EditTable Table Editing Widget for Web App Builder 2.5+

    Hey all, hope things are well.  I've been working on a widget to allow for editing tables in the Web App Builder via the Attribute Table widget, and I've got a promising prototype working in the repo below. ...
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  • Add new related record

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if any widgets have been developed that enable new related records to be added, instead of just editing existing records. I have been investigating the EditTable widget, but it seems this ...
    created by Amorris87
  • Survey123 widget

    Hi Folks,   Survey123 is a great tool to collect information, because you can set rules, calculations, etc. I don´t know if someone suggest this, but (I think) a great ideia is create a widget to read the ...
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  • Time Slider Widget Customization - Single handle

    The Time Slider widget appears with two handles or thumbs to define the time period shown on the map. However in many cases for historical data we want to show a "snapshot" i.e. the situation at a single point in time...
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  • Create Point Features at XY Location Version 2.4 - 05/31/17

    All This widget is for creating point features at a known XY location.  It is extending the smart editor widget so you can select a feature template and enter the XY location of the point.  Once you click a...
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  • Print Plus Widget Layout

    Hi !   First of all, @Larry Stout, thank you so much for this widget. It is a great job! I'm using it and I realized that the extent of my final layout (in a .pdf file) does not match with the map layout sho...
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  • Enhanced Layer List - Metadata (7/17/17)

    Enhanced Layer List - Metadata Dialogs   (WAB 2.14)   Update July 2017: adds REST Link and 'No Information Available' features.   Update December 2019: Still works great in current WAB (use the c...
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  • Error to instert CustomTextElement in Widget Print

    Templates that the client will use have been created, which they want to include as print templates in the Widget Print offered by the Web App Builder for ArcGIS by default, following each and every one of the steps i...
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  • Web Appbuilder heading to extinction

     ESRI UC  introduced a new product called Experience Builder ( ArcGIS Experience Builder | A new way of building web apps) which  eventually will replace Web App builder. The new product will be ba...
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  • Add Shapefile Widget

    Hi all, I just put together a quick widget for adding a zipped shapefile to a webmap as a new operational layer. This is very helpful with custom geoprocessing services that need a feature/operational layer as input. ...
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  • Enhanced Query widget not displaying results table in AT

    Hello,   We have been using the EnhancedQuery widget in WAB 2.5 and it works fine. Now we are trying it in WAB 2.12 but there is an error.   The EnhancedQuery widget executes a QueryTask and then calls pub...
    created by kiddj_SAGIS