• Weather Widget Version 1.2.0 - 1/24/2018

    The purpose of this widget is to provide the user with access to local weather information and forecasts. The widget accomplishes this by accessing the user's location, allowing the user to manually enter Lat/Lon...
    last modified by sch7712
  • Location Widget

    Hey everybody,   I am trying to get my feet wet with creating custom widgets for the WebApp builder, so please be kind   A while back I had created a location widget for the Javascript API and figured it ...
    last modified by rscheitlin
  • ChangeWebMap Widget

    The ChangeWebMap Widget for ArcGIS Web AppBuilder allows users to switch the map content to another web map. Using the WidgetThe ChangeWebMap Widget is an in-panel widget that will be displayed in the toolbar of your ...
    last modified by softwhere
  • Enhanced Basemap Gallery Widget 2.8 - 05/1/2018

    Here is another enhancement to a widget for the Web App Builder.   Live Preview Site Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Enhanced Basemap Gallery   List of the latest enhancements and changes: Fixed issue...
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  • Time slider enhancement to auto update infographics

    last modified by sshetty
  • Url Button Widget Version 2.5 - 08/10/2017

    This is just a simple widget to open a URL. The url can be any valid URL Address. The difference between this and just adding a link in WAB, is that this is a button and not a text link. Some have asked for this abili...
    last modified by rscheitlin
  • Enhanced FullScreen Widget, v1.1

    Hello,   I made a few (simple) adjustments to the full-screen widget that now allows the user to have a complete full-screen and map-focused experience, by hiding all* widgets.   The screen will ...
  • Enhanced Coordinate widget

    Hey everybody,   Brandon Keinath asked if it would be possible to display the current scale of your map within the widget in this thread. I took the challenge and added it to the ESRI coordinate widget. Just in ...
    last modified by rscheitlin
  • Map Progress Indicator Widget Version 2.14 - 11/26/19

    This widget is for indicating that the map is currently updating by showing a busy indicator image centered on the map. In version 2.0 of WAB they have added a map progress indicator in the lower right corner of the ...
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  • Traverse Widget 2.5 - 11/14/2017

    11/14/2017 - Tested with WAB 2.5. Updated default linesymbol drawing to a solid line as export/import as GeoJSON had issues with a short dash line. 07/05/2017 - Fixed problem with CSS that was interfering with the att...
    last modified by tsellste
  • Share Widget Version 2.0.1 - 04/20/16

    Here is another widget for the Web App Builder.     List of the latest enhancements and changes: Updated for WAB 2.0   Older enhancements or changes Fixed issue with webmaps that were not in webMerc...
    last modified by rscheitlin
  • Full Motion Video Widget v1.1

    Full Motion Video (FMV) Widget for Web AppBuilder  release v1.1 Integration of FMV Server with ESRI JS API   Features: Video playback UAV flight track UAV full track Metadata playback Mission query...
    last modified by goriliukasbuxton
  • Google Street View Widget 2.1 - 08/29/16

    All after much back and forth with different people and what now seems to be legitimate email traffic with the Google Maps API Team. It is now apparent that this widget does NOT conform to the Google Maps API Ter...
    last modified by rscheitlin
  • Enhanced Draw Widget

    Hey everybody,   Since I have created an Enhanced Draw widget for the Javascript API, I figured it might be a good idea to enhance the draw widget that ESRI has provided in the WebApp builder. You can check out ...
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  • PrintPlus-1.1.6-2015-7-12 (download - widget by Larry Stout)

    This is a new link for downloading the widget by Larry Stout  (re-posted with Larry's permission 2/18/2017). The download link on his main description page Larrys Custom WAB Widgets and More    and...
    last modified by rastrauch
  • SaveSession that supports heavy map layers and imagery layers

    This widget is based on the original SaveSession Widget This customized edition will support: 1. Layer visibility for heavy map service layers with multiple sub layers 2. Imagery layer  3. Popup Information f...
    last modified by simo
  • Advanced Identify Widget

    Hi,   The organization I work at (NASUVINSA/LURSAREA) is developing the cAAE project (Industry Catalogue of Navarre, Spain) in collaboration with the regional government. As part of the products of the project w...
    last modified by NASUVINSA
  • Linking Search and eSearch widgets for Web Application Builder.zip

    Linking Search and eSearch widgets for Web Application Builder   This code sample provides a linkage of 2 widgets so that the results of an autocompleter search cause the "Enhanced Search" widget to be activated...
    last modified by JGibson058
  • ISURadar Nexrad Weather Radar Widget

    Custom WAB widget uses  WMS Nexrad weather services provided by ISU Updated on 6/24/2019 , spatial reference changed.
    last modified by bpelchat
  • Anvil Map Tips Widget Version 1.1, May 25, 2015

    2/18/2017 - updated download link   The Acme Widget in the Hamilton County WAB Viewer is a "headless" widget that adds lots of functionality and modifies the behavior and/or appearance of a lot of Esri Widgets (...
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