• PrintPlus-1.1.6-2015-7-12 (download - widget by Larry Stout)

    This is a new link for downloading the widget by Larry Stout  (re-posted with Larry's permission 2/18/2017). The download link on his main description page Larrys Custom WAB Widgets and More    and...
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  • Feature Layer Hover Widget Version 2.12 - 09/05/19

    Live Preview Site   This widget allows you to configure a Feature Layer in the map to show its popup when you mouse over the feature.   Fixes and/or enhancements * Fixed an issue with the settings dialog ...
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  • Heat Map Widget 1.3 05/10/2018

    Hi all,   I developed a HeatMap Widget (WAB 2.7) and I want to share it with whole community   Visit my GitHub for more information; all suggestions for improvement will be welcome.   Live Demo ...
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  • SaveSession that supports heavy map layers and imagery layers

    This widget is based on the original SaveSession Widget This customized edition will support: 1. Layer visibility for heavy map service layers with multiple sub layers 2. Imagery layer  3. Popup Information f...
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  • Advanced Identify Widget

    Hi,   The organization I work at (NASUVINSA/LURSAREA) is developing the cAAE project (Industry Catalogue of Navarre, Spain) in collaboration with the regional government. As part of the products of the project w...
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  • Linking Search and eSearch widgets for Web Application Builder.zip

    Linking Search and eSearch widgets for Web Application Builder   This code sample provides a linkage of 2 widgets so that the results of an autocompleter search cause the "Enhanced Search" widget to be activated...
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  • ISURadar Nexrad Weather Radar Widget

    Custom WAB widget uses  WMS Nexrad weather services provided by ISU Updated on 6/24/2019 , spatial reference changed.
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  • Anvil Map Tips Widget Version 1.1, May 25, 2015

    2/18/2017 - updated download link   The Acme Widget in the Hamilton County WAB Viewer is a "headless" widget that adds lots of functionality and modifies the behavior and/or appearance of a lot of Esri Widgets (...
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  • Google Earth Widget

    Google Earth Widget  (WAB 2.6) (Updated Dec 2017) Here is a Google Earth Widget I created.  Street View can be accessed from here also, from the lower right corner of the window. &#...
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  • Enhanced Bookmark Widget Version 2.5 - 08/17/17

    Live Preview Site Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - eBookmark Widget   Latest enhancements/fixes: Updated for WAB 2.5 Added the ability to add folders at widget runtime. Added optional thumbnails to the wid...
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  • AddLayer Widget

    The AddLayer Widget for ArcGIS Web AppBuilder allows users to add pre-defined map layers to the current map without having them to include them in the current web map. This provides an easy way to add ad-hoc layers to...
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  • SaveSession10_17.zip

    A while ago, I posted a modified version of this widget. Since then, I made some corrections to fix some bugs and implemented some enhancements. With this version you can save in the session a local file (shapefile), ...
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  • Enhanced Basemap Gallery Widget 2.8 - 05/1/2018

    Here is another enhancement to a widget for the Web App Builder.   Live Preview Site Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Enhanced Basemap Gallery   List of the latest enhancements and changes: Fixed issue...
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  • Google_Tools.zip

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  • index.html

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  • streetview3.mp4

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  • Multiple Groups for Add Data Widget

    I've worked out a way to allow multiple groups (curated content) inside the Add Data widget. I'm sharing this hack as this has been requested by a few people: add Open Data to Add Data Widget and allow multi...
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  • Embedded Website Widget

    Widget that allows you to bring a website within the web app. You can customize window sizes and parameters based upon your own liking, but just wanted to put this out there.   Where this came into play for me w...
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  • Buffer Widget 1.0 05/16/2018

    Hi all,   I just developed a Buffer Widget (WAB 2.8) using Turf.js   Visit my Github for more information   Live Demo   A.
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  • ImportFile.zip

    Hi all, We decided to share a widget we had developed with the community. Development credits: Walter Payne   Import file widget:   Allows users to add a SHP, CSV OR DXF to directly to a Web App and spec...
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