• Simple Review and (spatially explicit) Commenting

    I'm trying to create a web map application where users can indicate a location (with either a point or a polygon--or the option for either) and then attach a comment to the location they indicated.   I have...
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  • Strategies for migrating working online web app using REST to offline phone/tablet app

    I'm thinking to turn a web map REST service into a mobile app. There are over 8800 point-type location data instances; no polylines or polygons. Most exist in remote areas with no wireless services, and the web app do...
    created by kawaisunn
  • ArcMap & Catalog: DB connection to ACCDB file

    have successfully established a database connection using ArcCatalog to an access database. I am using Access 2013 and ArcMap 10.2.2. I used as a database provider Microsoft Jet Engine version 12.0 when creating the c...
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  • Talks and workshop slides

    Forgive me if I'm wrong but it seems the talks and Collaborative brainstorming workshop slides are not available yet.   Any chance we could get them ?   Thanxs
  • Esri Sketch Pad pdf

    Will the Esri Mobile Sketch Pad template be uploaded to this site for download. It was the one used during the wireframing session at the devsummit 2016.
    created by mrvalent
  • Where can I find high quality large icon graphics?

    Dear all,   I am regularly desiginig and updating inhouse GIS training material.  Is there an image bank of high quality large icon graphics somewhere?  Does ESRI have a library of them we can access?&...
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  • How do you define Intuitive?

    You hear the word 'intuitive' thrown about often when speaking of UX and Usability.   The definition I hate the most is "Something is intuitive if you can figure it out without documentation or explanation." I h...