Getting To Know Your Users: An Introduction to User Experience (Part 1)

Blog Post created by WKotlewski-esristaff Employee on Mar 6, 2017


This one-day interactive workshop will introduce you to a handful of creative concepts that will help you develop a user centered approach to your projects and get inside the minds of your users. Throughout the day you will be shown techniques and strategies for user-centered problem solving that you can immediately implement in your day to day work.



The workshop was split into 2 sessions (morning and afternoon) and focused on 4 core techniques to implementing UX into day to day work.


The morning session focused on understanding customer stories; it highlighted strategies for gaining a clearer picture of where your customer has come from and what they are trying to achieve. The afternoon session focused on validating customer stories; it highlighted strategies for testing and prototyping to challenge your understanding about your customer’s experience with your product.


Lead by:

  • Heath Meyette
  • Whitney Kotlewski
  • Meaghan Long