• StoryMapper of the Year Competition & Judging

    Did you know about the StoryMapper of the Year competition - and our three exciting guest judges?    If you’re just hearing of the contest for the first time, here are the highlights: Create a stunnin...
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  • ArcGIS Online Implementation Guide

    FYI, great blog by Molly Zurn which discusses the new ArcGIS Online Implementation Guide (PDF) gives administrators a quick overview of essential tasks and best practices for setting up ArcGIS Online.   ArcGIS O...
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  • ArcGIS Apps - Product Trading Cards

    Interested in learning about the different Apps available in the ArcGIS Platform? Checkout the ArcGIS Apps collectible product trading cards (one for each app) to learn more about the various apps to meet your busines...
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  • FYI: Esri Maps for Public Policy

    Esri recently launched the Esri Maps for Public Policy site at the National League of Cities Summit to help leaders make more data-driven policy decisions. The site gives access to policy maps for elected officials, s...
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  • CDC Social Vulnerability Index Dashboard

    FYI, checkout this great CDC Social Vulnerability Index dashboard, built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS by Tanya Bigos, a solution engineer on the Health and Human Services team at Esri. The app leverages CDC...
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  • What’s New in Dashboard for ArcGIS (June 2018)

    Checkout all the latest enhancements for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS in the latest ArcGIS Online June 2018 update. Blog by Jeff Shaner   What’s New in Dashboard for ArcGIS (June 2018)     ...
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  • Introducing Our What's Next

      This year, the Esri User Conference theme seems especially thought-provoking. We’ve been reflecting on it a lot. What’s next for us—Esri Training?   In case you don’t know, Esri T...
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  • Esri whitepaper - Data in ArcGIS: User Managed and ArcGIS Managed

    This whitepaper from the ArcGIS Enterprise product management team, discusses the two ways data can be handled with the ArcGIS Platform:   User Managed: where data owners and admins are responsible for providing...
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  • Esri whitepaper - Architecting the ArcGIS Platform: Best Practices

    This whitepaper from the Esri Patterns and Practices team, presents some implementation guidelines in the form of a conceptual reference architecture diagram and associated best practice briefs. Organizations can use ...
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  • Esri Live Training Seminar on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

    Want to learn more about the next generation Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS?   FYI, there will be an Esri live training seminar offered on Thursday Jan 25th, 2018. For more details, please review the session de...
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  • Having problems viewing maps from the USGS web site, they use your software to do the earthquake maps, all I get is dots and lines.

    All I get is this.   Hope you can help as all other forms of troubleshooting have done nothing to fix this problem.   This problem is the same on all PC's attached to my LAN system.
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  • problem exporting data driven pages

    Am using 10.5.1.  Was exporting data driven pages just fine.  Accidentally hit some button - now I cannot export the pages.
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  • Esri at the White House Frontiers Conference

    Also appearing in Esri Insider...   Last week President Obama hosted the first-ever White House Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh, an event co-hosted by the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon Universi...
  • ArcGIS Online map and Census Tracts

    My ArcGIS Online map has California Census Tracts.  Separately, I was able to obtain an Excel spreadsheet that has Low- and Moderate-Income Census Tracts.  How do I import this list and relate it to the Cens...
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  • Announcing the 2016 Esri Science Symposium

    Special keynote address, discussion panel, and reception to engage and enlighten scientists A special Science Symposium will be held in conjunction with the 2016 Esri Education GIS Conference (EdUC) and Esri User Conf...
  • 2016 FedGIS Conference Startup Zone

    The Esri Startup Zone (SUZ) is a unique area hosted by the Esri Startup Program, featuring the work of emerging businesses working in emerging markets. These companies have integrated ArcGIS within their products to i...
  • Communicating with Maps (Esri MeetUp)

    8/20/15 6:00 PM
    The U.S. Congress uses dynamic maps as a way to effectively communicate with the public. At this Meetup, Congressional Staff will show you how they use GIS to present policy initiatives, information about their consti...
    Communicating with Maps (Esri MeetUp)
  • Field change after geo database design

    We are in the process of migrating data and are wondering if it is possible to change a field from a long integer to a date field or text field at the feature class level after the geodatabase level.
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  • Topics

    Are you new to GIS?
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  • I'm trying to drag a .lyr file from ArcCataloge to ArcMap but the file comes with a "!" signal.

    In the ArcCataloge Preview Tab this massege appears, "cannot display this layer. The data source referenced by this layer may be missing or corrupted."   What should I do?
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