• I recieved an internal error initalizing expression and I am not sure how to fix it

    The error came after I created parameters for my model layout. The error is with my PCTUNDER18 clause. I am not sure how to go in and edit the clause.
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  • Unifying the coordinate systems in GIS

    Hi there,  Would anyone explain to me how I unify the coordinate systems between GPS and Total Stations measurements in GIS? I have the satellite image of the area of interest. GPS data is matched with...
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  • Installation Issues

    I just Installed ArcGIS 10.6 Desktop Advanced Student Edition that comes with ArcPro. But after I installed it, the ArcPro refuses to open and request for an authorization number. When I put the authorization number I...
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  • University Administration use of ArcGIS

    Just wanted to share - read this article recently and there were a lot of great points brought up about the challenges and strategies for implementing a GIS program for University Administration use.     ...
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  • University of Minnesota Campus Facilities featured in Esri E360 video

    Link to University of Minnesota's Master of Geographic Information Science website Dan Sward featured in Esri video about campus facilities management   Link to Esro E360 video University of Minnesota Campus F...
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  • UMD's Interactive Campus Map Wins 1st Place at the TUgis 2014 Map-App Design Competition

    See more at: http://vpaf.umd.edu/showarticle.php?articleID=77
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