• ArcGIS Arcade DateDiff

    Arcade expression in Web Map that can select the most recent date and calculate DateDiff. I have inspection data for the same site with multiple years (ex. 2014, 2015, 2016). I want to calculate (or only show) DateDif...
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  • Has anyone done any work on cross-referencing Esri GeoInquiries to TEKS?

    Esri's GeoInquiries reference some national standards, but I am wondering if anyone has looked at how these correspond to the TEKS standards. 
  • Problem with precision and scale in new field

    Hello GeoNet community, I have a question regarding precision and scale of a new field. I am working on making a new field where I need total of 18 digits including 8 digits after decimal. For example the math is 90...
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  • problem with Create fishnet tool

    Having issues with create fishnet tool. I have made a index panel grid of 100 panels. Each panel has X and Y origin coordinates and scaled cell size. I have to make 2,880,000 cells from each panels. I ran the Create F...
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  • Are you interested in learning more about Syria refugees - Wonderful StoryMap!

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