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Collector has documentation, but while out in the field mobile workers often need something lighter weight—something that can be printed and taken along (especially if working offline). They need a single reference sheet that helps them with common tasks and some issues.   We’ve always relied on admins and project leads to create these for their… (Show more)
FYI: Excellent tips & tricks blog on leveraging Indicator elements in your Dashboards by David Nyenhuis.     This article provides 3 techniques to add context to your indicators through reference values and conditional formatting.   Apply situation-based styling Compare your metric to a baseline Normalize your metric   Provide Context to… (Show more)
New Date: The seminar formerly scheduled for October 25 is now scheduled for November 15.    Join us for a free live training seminar to hear all about the latest capabilities of Collector for ArcGIS—direct from the product experts. Three one-hour live sessions will be broadcast throughout the day. Each session includes Q&A time with the… (Show more)
Hello friends. We hear all the time that GIS has a broad spectrum of applications... I was wondering: has anyone ever encountered a diagram illustrating the applications of GIS over different sectors? I’ve tried to found some diagram like that, to no avail. The closest thing I came by was the classification of industry sectors by Esri.   Since… (Show more)
In 1 week, Manage Your Field Operations in Real Time webinar discussing the ArcGIS Field Apps; presented by Jeff Shaner. Wed Oct 10, 2018 | 9:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m. (PDT).   Registration link:     Description: Realize the value of ArcGIS field apps to improve your asset inspection workflows. Learn how to use mobile apps to… (Show more)
FYI, below are some links to the Esri User Conference 2018 Proceedings. Some great resources to learn about the ArcGIS Platform.   Video - Esri UC Theme Inspiring What's Next Conference Proceedings: Technical Workshop videos:     Enjoy,  
I want to clean my data and remove one of these polygons, but it seems that if I try to remove one of them they both get deleted, I was hoping I can split them.  I did try using the split tool which got me in even more trouble...     I hope the photo attached will make this clear   And if on the way anyone can recommend  a GIS course style Khan… (Show more)
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Over the past year, I have made a concerted effort to make the switch from Esri's ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcMap and ArcCatalog) to ArcGIS Pro in an attempt to be modern and relevant in an ever-changing GIS environment. Looking at ArcGIS for Desktop 10.6 product life cycle, it is clear most of us working with Esri softwares will make the switch in the… (Show more)
  This year, the Esri User Conference theme seems especially thought-provoking. We’ve been reflecting on it a lot. What’s next for us—Esri Training?   In case you don’t know, Esri Training is a team of teams. We like to say we’re the people part of the platform. Did you know your ArcGIS license included people? Figuratively speaking of course.  … (Show more)
FYI, this is a nice primer video on the various ArcGIS Field Apps - which enables GIS in the field to support your business workflows.   ArcGIS Apps for the field - YouTube  (3 mins)     Enjoy,
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