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Hi, I'm an undergraduate student doing a dissertation which is very GIS heavy. One of the things I need to do is add up all of the area values in my attribute table to get the total area for a polygon feature class. Is there a quick/easy way for me to do this?
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Even in zoom to layer i cant see the tif image but i can see normaly the jpg images (the tif was made in arcmap 10.0 or 10.2.0 and i'm working on arcmap 10.2.2)
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FYI, several users in recent weeks have requested a copy of this Esri UC 2017 technical workshop:   ArcGIS Apps: Selecting the Right Apps for your Organization The ArcGIS platform includes a collection of apps to help you get your job done and extend geospatial awareness throughout an organization or community. Apps extend the reach of GIS to… (Show more)
The practical handbook must document both quantitative and qualitative spatial data quality elements as per the NSDI standard using Namibian examples. The handbook should also provide simplified explanatory notes with examples where possible   Practical Assessment of Positional Accuracy Practical Assessment of Thematic Accuracy (both qualitative… (Show more)
I have an upcoming exam which asks the following question. The supplied textbooks do not cover this subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   You are asked to prepare a map that shows the forest lands that are suitable for harvesting. The lands must not be: 1) within 300 feet of roads and 2)within 500 feet of streams. You are given three… (Show more)
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