• ArcGis 10.2.2 performance issues with windows server 2012R2

    We are seeing severe performance degradation when using ArcGis on a windows server 2012 R2 comparing to windows server 2008 server. Specially when for example measuring (measure tool) or getting information from featu...
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  • Error in ArcMap graphs background when added to map

    Experiencing issues with copying graphs to map as a graphic / adding them to layout. I'll attach a photo to show what happens when I add the graph as a graphic (bottom) and add the map to the layout (top). They each h...
  • Attribute Assistant GenerateID not Working.

    Log file results leads me to believe that the table name was not properly read. Anyone have extensive experience debugging via the log file?   Here a some lines from the log file. Looping through the rows ...
  • JSON to Features

    Hello all,    I am looking to bring in geoJSON files of transit stops from this open data provider: https://transit.land/api/v1/stops.geojson?served_by=o-djfq-birminghamjeffersoncountytransitauthority&...
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  • ArcPro -- were it any slower it would run backwards

    ArcPro, what a piece of software. What a wonder.   I am starting to think that the only platform on which I can get this beast to perform is IBM's Big Blue. Everything moves at glacial pace. Even just to list f...
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  • Differences fixing geometry in ArcPro v. QGIS?

    I'm running both repair geometry in ArcPro and fix geometry in QGIS. In Arc I get a ton of Warning 000461: Repaired feature because of non simple and Warning 000986: > 25 non simple features. These are errors I'm n...
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  • Portal for ArcGIS Url automatecally redirecting to http for https when click on my Content

    Portal for ArcGIS Url automatecally redirecting to http for https .   Portal for ArcGIS open in Web browser with secured https url and login with same but when click on any of tab like my content or Map its redi...
  • MGRS Grid Customizing

    I am trying to develop a workflow based off of NGA guidelines pertaining to the use of an MGRS grid at the 1:100,000 scale. I am having difficulty finding a way to customize the interior grid ladder. For 100K maps the...
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  • AGOL Query Widget not responding

    I have a question regarding the Query Widget on ArcGIS Online.  I have two different parcel mapper apps that both have a query window.  The Queries disappeared yesterday from the websites, and whenever I try...
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  • Labels appears blocky in web application

    I have a label service published to ArcGIS server that I consume in a number of web applications.  I had recently created a new identical service to replace the old one.  I have checked and rechecked, and as...
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  • 10.5.1 error Column value is NULL-Locks on SDE

    I am unable to view any locks(need to remove schema locks so I can create new fields in SDE FC) on any of my SDE geodatabases and feature classes within, in my TEST or PROD environments. The error I get is "REFRESH: C...
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  • Same version mxd one user can open the other can't

    User A created an mxd and saved it. They are able to open it on any computer (all running the same version - this has been checked). There are a few mxds where this has occurred.   User B cannot open the mxd (us...
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  • Mosaic to New Raster "Blend" method not working...

    Hello,   I am trying to merge two DEM's together with the Mosaic to New Raster function. I want to use the "Blend" mosaic operator to create a smooth feathering in the overlapping area of the raster's. The ...
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  • Options for Authorizing an Enterprise Geodatabase

    Following up on a previous post regarding obtaining license files for creating enterprise geodatabases, we want to provide more insight into how this can be done if you don't have access to the server instal...
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  • Editing cursor stuck - delete vertices

    An Arc user in our organization is trying to edit vertices of polygons while in an edit session, however, as soon as he initiates "Edit Vertices," his cursor is stuck on the "delete vertex" tool. He can stil...
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  • Import map template

    Is there a way to import a map template from ArcGIS Desktop to ArcPro?
  • In ARCPro, how may a feature be rotated using the same method as in ArcGIS Desktop, that is without having to use the green segmented circle in PRO that does not allow for fine movement baset on a remote vertex?

    The attached graphics illustrate rotation of a feature in ArcGIS Pro compared with that in ArcGIS Desktop. The desired outcome is perform the operation in ArcGIS Pro with a facility identical to that in Desktop. A fur...
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  • Delete vertices disappears and circle collapsed

    I am trying to reshape and to delete the vertices by using right click and delete dialog pops up. The problem here is "delete dialog window" pops up inconsistently and sometime it gives  "browsers right click dia...
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  • How to display column statistics dynamically from layer table columns

    Hi All,   I am looking for help to create a dynamic text box that will display statistics of columns for the layer tables. Example: In the map, there is a table that displays the premium information of insureds ...
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  • Modifying ArcMap Legend to Display Checkmarks

    I am looking to customize a legend in ArcMap (10.4.1) In the attached png is a feature that was included on past figures. Features that are shown in the map extent have a check mark beside them. The problem with the...