• ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1- BUG Causes Crash

    I have a file geodatabase with a point ferature class. One of the fields in the FC is a raster type. when adding a .png file to the raster field and clicking save edits ArcMap crashes (100% of the time)   is th...
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  • "Fatal error- Cannot create temporary folder. The program will exit"

    [3/19/2019 3:49 PM]      I am trying to install ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 on a window server 2016,  and the set up is not opening I am getting this error "Fatal error- Cannot create temporar...
  • Problem with vertical coordinates in scene -.slpk Files- Placement ambiguity on z axis with same coordinate system

    Hello GeoNet Family!   I am interested in learning more about the vertical coordinate reference system associated with the scene layouts in both ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online (AGO).  Regarding the scene...
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  • Why are the images in the generated report from Survey123 turning sideways?

    I have a custom report template built for Survey123. When I upload an image from my ipad's library into the survey in the Survey123 app, the image is in the correct orientation. However, after I submit the completed s...
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  • Layers loading with large color pixels in ArcGlobe

    This is a brand new computer with more power than the older ones I use this program on. I went to work with a ArcGlobe design and this is what I get every time I open it up. I have tried adjusting various cache and di...
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  • ArcMap's html popup won't launch document

    Hello, I am new here and need a little help. I have one ArcMap desktop 10.4 user that cannot get her html tool to launch the .pdf.   I have installed ArcMap desktop 100 times and never had this problem. Our IT ...
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  • Where can I find this coordinate reference system (wgs84 30N CM 3W) in ArcGIS?

    I have a data with this coordinate reference system (wgs84 30N CM 3W). and I need to load the data in ArcGIS but I can't seem to find it exactly in ArcGIS. First, I will like to know if it's same thing ...
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  • Bookmarks to feature help

    I am trying to use the list bookmarks to feature code from the ArcGIS Help page and I am getting an error. How can I fix this? I am not super great with code so I just replaced the paths in the sample, not sure i...
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  • Failed Exporting from Enterprise GDB 10.6.1

    I am running ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 with SQL Server 2016 as my enterprise GDB.   When I import a FC into Arcmap from the Enterprise GDB and right click tyhe layer, export to shapefile I get the following error. ...
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  • How to switch from Layout view to Data/Map View in ArcGIS Pro

    I imported a map created in Arcmap and saved in Layout view into Pro. The map was well imported and appears also in layout view in Pro. But I have been trying to switch to Map/Data view in Pro but don't seem to know h...
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  • Problem connecting to license manager

    Error code = -158 Trusted storage open failure feature: ArcInfoFX LICENSE PATH: FlexNet Licensing error:-158, 61003 arcgis for desktop/engine 10.5 cannot connect to previous versions of the Arcgis license manager...
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  • Why can't I use the Add Item dialog in ArcGIS Online?

    Hi ArcGIS Online users!   I wanted to take a quick minute to provide some information on a recent issue that has been impacting many ArcGIS Online users over the last month who use Google Chrome.    D...
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  • Adding feature class and applying symbology in ArcGIS Pro using arcpy

    Using an arcpy script run from a toolbox, I want to import a feature class from a geodatabase into an ArcPro map and then symbolise that layer based on a lyrx file stored on disk. Here is a simplified version:   ...
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  • AGOL Content Reporting Tool

    Would it be possible to get a tool that would export to Excel a simple list of all items in each folder on our AGOL site?  It would be even better if it also included usage statistics for each of the items.
    created by yvesle
  • Custom Date Range in Hub Dashboard

    It's nice to be able to measure engagement of our Open Data site through the Hub dashboard, but I'd like to be able to know the number of sessions and views for custom dates.  I'd also like to see an option ...
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  • UNME Export Asset Package error

    Hi,   I am experiencing this error when I run Export Asset Package tool. I am wondering if this is just me. As far as I remember, I was able to export when I was following UNME configurations for the first time...
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  • Does ArcGIS Pro have a command that runs cogo closures?

    Does ArcGIS Pro have a command that runs cogo closures?
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  • one or more layers failed to draw: general function failure

    Hi. I am using ArcMap 10.4.1. Since our company upgraded to Windows 10 I have been getting this General function failure. It typically happens when you sit idle for a while and then come back to working on it, such as...
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  • ArcGIS Pro cogo closures

    Does ArcGIS Pro have a command that runs cogo closures?   Thanks Vince Zubia GIS/Plat & Subdivision Specialist II El Paso Central Appraisal District 5801 Trowbridge Rd. El Paso TX. 79925 (915) 780-2012 ...
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  • How do i export atribute table data from ArcGISPro to excel?

    How do i export atribute table data from ArcGISPro to excel?
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