• Accidental batch-delete of all Survey123 forms in Draft Folder

    Hi,   A colleague reported sending all records saved under the drafts folder of a Survey123 form. Normally, they would be working on site with limited internet access, so it's normal for us to save everything as...
  • Loss of layers in a webmap after overwriting an existing Feature Service from ArcMap?

    Hi,   It has happened a few times now (enough for me to notice what may be causing this) that I open a webmap after overwriting a Feature Service that contains many layers shown in such webmap, to see that a num...
  • Survey123 Connect-Use degree decimal minutes for geopoint question/map

    Hello,   I have a important need to have people enter coordinates for a geopoint question in degree decimal minutes, but that option doesn't seem to be available. Is this possible with the most recent versi...
    created by ndfadmin
  • How to switch from Layout view to Data/Map View in ArcGIS Pro

    I imported a map created in Arcmap and saved in Layout view into Pro. The map was well imported and appears also in layout view in Pro. But I have been trying to switch to Map/Data view in Pro but don't seem to know h...
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  • Se ha terminado la conexión: Error inesperado de envío

    Tengo un error al intentar cargar un mapa base en ArcGIS (Add Data -> Add Basemap)
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  • Metadata does not display spatial reference

    Hi Esri-community!    I am currently struggling with finding the spatial reference data in the metadata -- so the .DEM data shows the spatial reference all right, but the .sph does not -- any particula...
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  • Different data visualisation between ARCDesktop and ArcScene

    I am comparing the variation in the head wall elevation along steep sided channels. I have a dataset with elevation values of the left wall with corresponding values on the diametrically opposite position on the right...
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  • centerline-roads

    Hi, everyone, please, I have a little polyline that comes from a polygon (someone converted a polygon into a polyline). I want to turn a polygon back! How can I do that? I try to use the polygon feature, but the res...
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  • Utility Network Model Diagrams

    Dear All,   Good morning. May I know where can I get the Utility Network Model Diagrams like below. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.  
    created by venkattaladi
  • Arcgis pro raster symbology stretch option is not working when I use custom and manually put maximum and minimum value?I cant lock these custom value.

    Hi I tried to change the symbology of raster in arcgis pro 2.4.3.I used stretch option in custom mode..I gave maximum and minimum values..but there is no option to lock the values..It is not getting changed..plz give ...
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  • In ArcGIS Pro version 2.5.1, the reverse ordering issue for legends still seems to be broken.  The order of the numbers change but the color patches don't so the connection between a raster legend and the map is broken... reporting incorrect info.

    This is a screen capture of a map with a raster in ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1.  I clicked the circle area in the upper right of the map... and the pixel value shows it should be the darker colors (76.7)...  I know tha...
    created by danretired
  • Years go by and Bugs Remain Unfixed

    In May 2016 I filed an incident, 01765731 which was verified and confirmed as a bug, given id BUG_000096273.   The gist of this bug is as follows: 1.geocode some addresses using World Geocoder online service 2...
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  • Trying to automatically calculate geodesic length as an attribute Rule that triggers on creation?

    I am trying to set up an attribute Rule that will calculate the geodesic length of the polyline upon creation.  However I keep getting a message saying the projection is invalid.  The feature, dataframe and ...
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  • Block old surveys from modification or download

    Hi: I create new versions of surveys as new information is needed. I keep old versions cause their data is important but sometimes new users confuse them and #download the old versions. Or, they download the new and ...
    created by PronaturaAdmin
  • Register View with Geodatabase - Not Null Constraint

    I have created a spatial view in SQL Server that has a not null constraint on a primary key field. When I try to register this view with the geodatabase I receive an error code 999999. Error message: The column must...
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  • Logging into Esri.com via Google Chrome issue - Forever blue lines

    Hello,   Whenever I attempt to log into my Esri.com account via Google Chrome I get the blue lines indicating logging in but it never completes the process.   a) I am able to log into Esri.com via Microsof...
    created by mrleal
  • Will registering a view with an enterprise geodatabase improve performance?

    Hi everyone - Pretty basic question.  Will registering a view that was created outside of ArcGIS improve rendering performance?  I see here a mention that "having spatial information stored in geodataba...
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  • RE: Bump Mapping Tools

    I am using Model builder in ArcGIS desktop 10.7 to see if I can emulate the bump mapping tools from several years ago. I am trying to use the Raster Calculator to generate raster points from a raster layer. Here is th...
    created by smartmap
  • I have developed a graph within a layout, however when I export many of the graphs become duplicated. Is this an ArcGIS Pro glitch? Any help to resolve this issue most appreciated.

    First image is snipping tool image of layout. Second image is an Exported JPEG @ 400dpi, whereby numerous graphs are duplicated.
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  • generating training samples from seed points keeps failing

    I'm trying to generate training samples from this raster. I have used the "create accuracy assessments points" for getting the random_points shapefile (attached).  I would like now to generate samples f...
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