• ArcGIS Desktop Layout View graphics not exporting properly

    I am trying to create a table in Desktop - layout view.  I'm using the Insert - Object - Microsoft Excel Worksheet options. I'm able to create a nice - crisp table of data just fine.  I would like to have e...
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  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 Freezing

    I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 on a Windows 10 PC I built myself and I am getting a problem where every minute or so, the Table of Contents will flicker and then go solid grey for 5-10 seconds and meanwhile I cannot...
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  • Why is my basemap not displaying in the Collector app?

    Here is the link to “ADA Curb Ramp Inventory 2019” web map. The base map does not draw on start up in the Collector app.  Users have to mess with it in order to get it to show up...   https://m...
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  • ArcGIS License Manager 10.7.0 Displays Incorrect License Count

    After upgrading from ArcGIS License Manager 10.6.1 (v11.14.1 ) to 10.7.0 (v11.16.2 ) we have observed that the ArcGIS Administrator displays wrong license counts and that many of our licenses are unavailable. ...
    created by asrujit_pb
  • Geometric Network Editing Buttons Greyed Out

    We are having an issue for one of our users editing in a geometric network. Several geometric network editing toolbar buttons are not available for use. This error does not occur when I open the same MXD. Both the use...
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  • How can GIS servers in multiple locations sync up?

    For various reasons, my organization needs to set up an additional ArcGIS server at a separate physical location from our current server.   What is the best way to do this, performance-wise?  Do we need...
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  • I work for an Appraisal District and we use the World Imagery from ESRI's online services along with other Imagery services.  We just noticed that the Images are blurry.  Is this something that you are aware of and will this be corrected?  Thank you,

    I don't have an example of the resolution prior to today but the images were at a much higher resolution before.  My department directly accesses the service in ArcMap.  We also have a map within our real pr...
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  • Survey 123 Connect blank on one monitor, but ok on another

    We have a user using Survey123 Connect and when opened on a monitor it starts with a blank page. They are using a laptop with a second monitor and Survey123 opens on the monitor first with a blank screen. If they...
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  • Arcmap 10.5.1 Crash in Catalog window without Error log

    I just recently begun having this issue and it has come to my attention that a file within my catalog window may be corrupt -- I have no idea how that could have happened but I chose to manually remove the bulk of my ...
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  • address locator

    Hi all,   I don't find address locator or composite address locator in the drop-down menu when I right-click on a gdb folder.   Please help,   Thanks, Student
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  • Arc GIS Pro 2.4 won't accept my Facebook login. How do I resolve this?

    Hello - I recently purchased ArcGIS for personal use, and successfully downloaded Pro 2.4. When I use my Facebook credentials to login it says this below. How do I resolve this? I did not pay to use the Arc GIS online...
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  • one or more layers failed to draw: general function failure

    Hi. I am using ArcMap 10.4.1. Since our company upgraded to Windows 10 I have been getting this General function failure. It typically happens when you sit idle for a while and then come back to working on it, such as...
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  • File geodatabase in Windows networks very poor performance

    Hello, I'll try to keep this short. I represent a large goverment organisation in Sweden. I am a GIS coordinator for the user side of the organisation and of my daily tasks is to recommend best practices, to keep per...
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  • Can't sign in to my portal in Arcgis Pro

    I've made my arcgis account using google credential and I have an organization with ArcGIS Pro license, my problem is I can't sign in with Pro because it does not have google sign in option. How can I sign in to Pro u...
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  • How to switch from Layout view to Data/Map View in ArcGIS Pro

    I imported a map created in Arcmap and saved in Layout view into Pro. The map was well imported and appears also in layout view in Pro. But I have been trying to switch to Map/Data view in Pro but don't seem to know h...
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  • Search in Arcmap shows "Thumbnail not available" and blocks search window? See attached image

    A search in the Arcmap search window would clog the search window "Thumbnail not available" iinfo. What could be causing this? It doesn't happen when I do the search in Arcscene, etc. What could wrong?
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  • compress operation stuck

    Using ArcMap 10.6.1 with versioning and replication on a SQL Server 2016 (14.0.1000.169) between several devices.    I do a daily scheduled reconcile, post, reconcile and compress.   Everything was ru...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2 Overwrite Web Layer removes layer from all web maps.

    Hello,    Before I upgraded to the latest ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2, I was able to "push" my data changes to my web maps on ArcGIS Online using the Share> Overwrite Web Layer tool. This updated the data online, b...
  • ArcGIS for Sharepoint web part connectivity behavior unavailable

    Hi, I am trying to connect my ArcGIS map web part to a SharePoint List web part that is on the same page. When attempting to do this, I followed the ESRI/ArcGIS tutorial that I have attached. When  I went to conf...
  • Why is ArcGIS Pro not working?

    Can anyone please help me get to the bottom of this problem? My ArcGIS Pro isn't launching and I've tried everything I can think of, but no change. I will appreciate any assistance.   Attached are some screensho...