• How do you lock graphic elements in Layout View  (ArcMap 10.5)?

    How do you lock graphic elements such as titles, legends, text box etc. in Layout View  (ArcMap 10.5? It looks like ArcMap provides this option but only if you have the  the Production Mapping license, winc...
  • ArcGIS Server Service Metadata not working

    I have ArcGIS Server 10.5.0, Build 6491 running on a Linux instance, and I have several map services published from feature classes in a non-versioned PostGreSQL SDE.  I've been working on creating metadata for a...
    created by jfischer91
  • ArcGIS Desktop Layout View graphics not exporting properly

    I am trying to create a table in Desktop - layout view.  I'm using the Insert - Object - Microsoft Excel Worksheet options. I'm able to create a nice - crisp table of data just fine.  I would like to have e...
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  • Search Window Error

    I am currently using ArcMap 10.5.1 (because of USGS toolbar constraints) and my search window has been acting strangely for months now. Regardless of how the search window is positioned (pinned or otherwise), the sear...
    created by lleblanc_gsaogb
  • Problem with Nord Maroc projection

    I have a problem with Geotiffs in Nord Maroc projection, the geotiffs were generated using TNTMips and projected to Nord Maroc but they are importing into ArcGIS 10.7.1 about 400 km to the south of where they should b...
    last modified by frxmurphy
  • Install Unpacking Error -6

    No matter how I try to open my install files for ArcPro or Arc10, I keep getting the following unpacking error:  "An unexpected error occurred while unpacking file (s). Error code: -6".  Has anyone else ecno...
    last modified by behlingsc
  • How to expose ArcGIS webservices via OpenAPI format ?

    Hello, Is it possible to expose ArcGIS webservices via OpenAPI format (for API Management platform). Is there any tool that allow to describe automatically the ArcGIS platform services (swagger ?).  I...
  • editing a shape file online

    I have a shape file that I have been editing (adding to) on my local machine.  I have uploaded the shape file to an esri online map.  I'd like to be able to re-upload my new shape file so it updates the cont...
    last modified by mkhenson
  • how do you open up a .pitemx file?

    I am trying to open up this downloaded file in ArcGIS Pro and it will not open.  The ArcGIS Pro screen is blank.  Please share your solution if you've had this problem, thanks.  
    last modified by sreid_usfs
  • Translate excel-function to raster calculator/ field calculator

    Hey!     I am trying to calculate different raster layers in ArcGIS with a relativly simple formular, but a few more complicated cell relationships. I have already solved the calculation in Microsoft Excel ...
    last modified by JacobBpunkt
  • Error 001732: Could not copy from Runtime GDB (Duplicate GUID's?)

    Has anyone encountered this error and found a work-around? Im trying to copy data from an iPad runtime gdb to a gdb to open it in ArcMap 10.3 Doesn't appear to be data corruption (would result in error 001730). Am t...
    last modified by greg.stevenson
  • Grid coordinates

    I have created a grid with dynamic coordinates. the grid and map area is fixed at 1:50000. however when I zoom in and out the corner co-ordinates keep appearing/disappearing. can anyone tell me why this is happening?...
    created by wynner81
  • How to set the Callout Leader line height in WPF SDK

    I am using callout to show custom details on map. Multiple features present in the same location and same height. I need to show callouts for these features.   For Example, 3 features on the same geometry, so th...
    last modified by navanecs@live.com
  • Arcpy Zoom to Point

    I have coordinates from a point that I want to move to. I typically use the zoom to x,y on arc desktop but I am trying to automate the process using arcpy. I can't seem to figure out how to use the coordinates to...
    last modified by dmyers@prologis.com
  • 10.6.1 stuck when editing

    We are using ArcMap 10.6.1 and an .sde database. Not only does the program run really really slow (even though we are direct connected to our server) it crashes constantly. Another issue that we are having, I am hopin...
    created by mjp6358_UNCW
  • Issue with annotation sizes and representations

    I have imported a map from ArcMap in layour view, however when it loads into ArcGIS Pro, the size of the letters is extremely large compared to the size of the represented items, I´ve tried to change the size of...
    last modified by SIG_santander
  • Editing cursor stuck - delete vertices

    An Arc user in our organization is trying to edit vertices of polygons while in an edit session, however, as soon as he initiates "Edit Vertices," his cursor is stuck on the "delete vertex" tool. He can stil...
    last modified by klara_KFW
  • File geodatabase in Windows networks very poor performance

    Hello, I'll try to keep this short. I represent a large goverment organisation in Sweden. I am a GIS coordinator for the user side of the organisation and of my daily tasks is to recommend best practices, to keep per...
    last modified by LstAB_Herner
  • Unable to select annoted labels to move them - going bananas

    I have ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1. I've been happily editing away on this fairly large and complicated geologic map for several months when suddenly, yesterday, I ran into an obstacle that has put the project at a complete...
    last modified by kweeeez
  • why won't my shape file download?

    I have created an excel spreadsheet and zipped the file.  When I went to download it came up with an error message saying unable to import this shapefile   Are you able to help please?
    last modified by alexandracoleman1