• Calculating age with two fields in ArcGIS Pro

    How would you calculate age in ArcGIS Pro based on BornDate and DeathDate fields?  I am working on creating a feature class to map cemetery graves using the Collector app.  The two fields are both a date typ...
    created by KathyAd
  • editing a shape file online

    I have a shape file that I have been editing (adding to) on my local machine.  I have uploaded the shape file to an esri online map.  I'd like to be able to re-upload my new shape file so it updates the cont...
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  • How small a feature can I digitize in ArcMap/ArcPro?

    A colleague of mine is trying to digitize features as small as 2 millimetres. We are finding that at around sub 4mm all features seem to simplify to a triangle even if he uses 3+ vertices or show an error. A test draw...
    last modified by gymjs1
  • ArcMap Doesn't Respond Please Help

    Hello whoever, I am trying to simply go into my data frame properties and ArcMap fails to let me do that unless if I'm in a blank document. I am not working with a lot of data so I am really confused on why this is h...
    last modified by adampfradkin
  • Geocoding with multiple input fields rather than single line.

    Is it possible to geocode using the "US Address—Single House" locator style when the address elements are in multiple fields? I have had issues with the parsing of the geocoding algorithm, such as "South Va...
    last modified by jdouillard
  • Issue with AGOL maps using Google Docs CSV

    I have several maps that are linked to csv's in Google Docs and they all stopped working sometime in the past couple weeks or months (just discovered yesterday). Each map says the csv can't be accessed or added. The s...
    last modified by PresumpscotRLT
  • Good morning. I m trying without success to find where I can learn all the functions that are in the helper window in the field calculator. Be it a tutorial, manual or index explaining what  does each function. Thanks in advance.

    Good morning. I m trying without success to find where I can learn all the functions that are in the helper window in the field calculator. Be it a tutorial, manual or index explaining what  does each function. T...
    last modified by yagodca
  • Cannot open MXD document in ArcGIS with some ArcGIS Online logins

    When opening a specific map document in ArcMap and prompted to login to ArcGIS Online some users are getting the following error:      Once you click ok, you just get a empty mxd open. I can open it ...
    last modified by RTwill
  • In AppStudio & ArcCollector the ability to do a multi field search

    In AppStudio the ability to do a multi field search on a feature, so if you are using a point as an example, you would want to be able to search on say the color but also search on the size at the same time (similar f...
  • how to make hypsometric curves using ArcGIS pro for a catchment area

    For a specific catchment area, how do i find the corresponding area with respect to the elevation range (hypsometry curve)?
    last modified by manikandan0817
  • Arcade Text Formatting - Bold Text

    I'm having difficulty formatting the following expression such that result will BOLD words indicated below.    I understand that the labeling expression should be "<BOL>" + $feature.LABELFIELD + ...
    last modified by chantell.krider_wa_rco
  • GeocodeServer - ArcSOC using a lot of memory on each search

    I have discovered that our GeocodeServer ArcSOC are using up to 17Go of memory per search. This is quite a lot in my opinion. Our server machine has 44Go of RAM in total and from time to times we can see some insuffic...
    created by DemersM
  • Register View with Geodatabase - Not Null Constraint

    I have created a spatial view in SQL Server that has a not null constraint on a primary key field. When I try to register this view with the geodatabase I receive an error code 999999. Error message: The column must...
    created by crombezk
  • Can a Survey123 Survey with editing enabled be formatted so that updating information in the form in the Survey123 field app will not update the location? 

    I am helping a co-worker with a survey that references a feature service where the point locations that were previously gathered need to stay exactly the same. If it is possible to update the survey information withou...
    created by student03_usfs
  • How to obtain ECP file using authorization code?

    I Have ArcGIs Server 10.4 authorization code. How to obtain ECP file?
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  • Geocoding points using Mile Post/ Marker data

    I have a database of crash records with Mile Posts/ Marker data (eg; I-95, MP 30.4 or US 1, MP 40.1). How can I geocode them and get the Lat Long data from it. I also have the Roadways shape file with Mile Post/ Marke...
    last modified by Himadri.Kundu
  • How do you lock graphic elements in Layout View  (ArcMap 10.5)?

    How do you lock graphic elements such as titles, legends, text box etc. in Layout View  (ArcMap 10.5? It looks like ArcMap provides this option but only if you have the  the Production Mapping license, winc...
  • ArcGIS Server Service Metadata not working

    I have ArcGIS Server 10.5.0, Build 6491 running on a Linux instance, and I have several map services published from feature classes in a non-versioned PostGreSQL SDE.  I've been working on creating metadata for a...
    created by jfischer91
  • ArcGIS Desktop Layout View graphics not exporting properly

    I am trying to create a table in Desktop - layout view.  I'm using the Insert - Object - Microsoft Excel Worksheet options. I'm able to create a nice - crisp table of data just fine.  I would like to have e...
    last modified by jeanette.harlow
  • Search Window Error

    I am currently using ArcMap 10.5.1 (because of USGS toolbar constraints) and my search window has been acting strangely for months now. Regardless of how the search window is positioned (pinned or otherwise), the sear...
    created by lleblanc_gsaogb