• Pro 2.6.0 geometry calculation error

    At Pro 2.6.0 the calculated geometry of a feature class attribute is incorrect. A rectangle 66’ x 660’ is 1 acre (43,560 sq. ft.), although, the calculation by right-clicking the attribute and calculating....
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  • Normal Time to Assign A Person to a Support Case

    I know that the Coronavirus has greatly disrupted everyone and everything so I was wondering how long I should expect to wait for an initial (human) response to a new ESRI support case filed through My ESRI.   I...
    created by Zian
  • Will registering a view with an enterprise geodatabase improve performance?

    Hi everyone - Pretty basic question.  Will registering a view that was created outside of ArcGIS improve rendering performance?  I see here a mention that "having spatial information stored in geodataba...
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  • Pop-Up Duplication

    I am having issue with pop ups using desktop Pro 2.6.0. I some how have duplicated even quadrupled the results. A single click pop up gives me the result below. The polygon is a 1 line shapefile in a database. and th...
    created by tbaldwin136
  • Spatial Indexing Issue

    Hi,   Whenever I create a new feature class with ST_Geometry column, It's created without any issue but I cannot insert data into it until unless I remove the spatial index from it.   I have tried the f...
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  • 'Select multiple' functionality in feature reports (Survey123)

    Is there any way I can format Survey123 feature reports to list out answers to select multiple questions? Here's what I found online about this type of conditional formatting:    ${select_multiple|appearanc...
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  • Install Unpacking Error -6

    No matter how I try to open my install files for ArcPro or Arc10, I keep getting the following unpacking error:  "An unexpected error occurred while unpacking file (s). Error code: -6".  Has anyone else ecno...
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  • Will there be a ArcGIS 10.8.1 update for the 10.7 redistricting extension?

    ArcGIS 10.7.1 works with the Redistricting Extension which is very useful.  I've been told by customer service that it will not work with ArcGIS 10.8.1 or 10.8.  I think this may be a simple software fix....
    created by charleskofron
  • When and how to apply for an internship at ESRI

    When and how shall I apply for an internship at ESRI? What is the interview process?
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  • Survey123, how do you find out what error codes mean? My survey is "Unable to preview survey". I don't have a clue what the details are telling me in order to correct it.

    URIError: URI malformed at decodeURIComponent () at _setSurveyRow (/home/ec2-user/libs/survey123-formConverter/dist/modules/json2xls.js:1:11234) at r.questions.forEach (/home/ec2-user/libs/survey123-formConverter/dist...
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  • Select map at startup

    I have an ArcGIS Pro project with multiple maps. I would like to be able to open the project with a user specified map active. I have searched unsuccessfully for command line switches. I imagine it would look somethin...
    created by burfordb
  • Using ArcMap 10.8, black border around graph in map layout view error

    Hello, I'm using Arcmap 10.8 and I'm having trouble copying the graph that I created to map layout. The graph has black borders around it.   
  • Error in ArcMap graphs background when added to map

    Experiencing issues with copying graphs to map as a graphic / adding them to layout. I'll attach a photo to show what happens when I add the graph as a graphic (bottom) and add the map to the layout (top). They each h...
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  • Failed to execute TrainDeepLearningModel

    Hello everyone, I'm having an issue right now with my ArcGIS Pro which has forced me to uninstall and reinstall the app as well as install all its deep learning packages for smooth operation. Its the Train Deep Learni...
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  • SHAPE.STLength() field, don´t accept Count-Sum Operation Dahsboard

    There is something wrong with using services published with ArcGIS Enterprise in Operation Dashboard and creating sum statistic  charts? When I try to do this, it gives me a 'Cannot Access Data' error.
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  • Update Survey123 form data from another source

    Hello,   I am looking for a way to auto populate form drop down answers.  We are using Survey123 for a work order application and new jobs are being added daily.  My current workflow is to get the job ...
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  • 3D information is lost when using "Regularize Building Footprint"?

    Currently I am working on the extraction of building footprints using ArcGIS/ArcPy and Lastools. Using LasBoundary I extract all buildings from the lidar dataset and get the building outlines as 3D polygons (Polygon Z...
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  • Editing cursor stuck - delete vertices

    An Arc user in our organization is trying to edit vertices of polygons while in an edit session, however, as soon as he initiates "Edit Vertices," his cursor is stuck on the "delete vertex" tool. He can stil...
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  • Do we need ArcGIS Server license when establishing Geodatabase in PostgreSQL?

    Hello,   We are looking at establishing an enterprise geodatabase using PostgreSQL as the RDBM. I have found some limited non authoritative information on various blogs about this, but it is contradictory. ...
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  • resize multiple features in shapefile

    Hi,    I have a shapefile containing more than 300 polygones in it. Each polygone touch each other, creating like a grid. I would like to rescale each features at about 0.75 of the size they currently have...
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