• London Traffic + Footfall Data

    good afternoon,   I am looking for traffic and footfall data for different London boroughs. is this something ic could find using ESRI's resources as I've been advised that this is the best resource data wi...
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  • ArcGIS 10.6.1 - some .mxd can't open

    On windows 10. I am receiving an error when trying to open a .mxd:   Opening the selected ArcMap document failed. An unexpected error occurred while loading the map document. The data frames of the map document c...
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  • Reprojecting to match USGS LAEA_Sphere_19 eMODIS/AVHRR data?

    Completely stumped here. I have seen a handful of somewhat similar threads dealing with Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area...the problem here is working out the proper transformation. Here's a bit of a summary of what I do ...
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  • Use esri in a restful service

    Hi, I'm trying to run a POC to expose a rest API (with a JSON response, no UI is needed), which (at first stage), trying to figure out if there is a line of sight between two points (actually, I need to see if a fres...
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  • Unexpected error crashing StoryMap editor

    An 'Unexpected error has occurred' message appears and StoryMap 'edit' screen crashes. I believe this occurred after toggling the new navigation panel on, though I never published that change. Any advice on ...
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  • i cant seem to open the app, i have validated my single use license in the sign in page. despite validating the license the ArcGIS Pro Advanced link is not clickable

    I have tried authorizing and deauthorizing multiple time but had no luck. after authorizing the license gets validated but I'm not able to select the ArcGIS Pro Advanced option to continue further with the sign-in pag...
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  • How to switch from Layout view to Data/Map View in ArcGIS Pro

    I imported a map created in Arcmap and saved in Layout view into Pro. The map was well imported and appears also in layout view in Pro. But I have been trying to switch to Map/Data view in Pro but don't seem to know h...
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  • Survey123 Feature Report - Points from Existing Feature Service - Map not working

    I'm working on a few projects that use Survey123 to interface with existing feature services hosted on AGOL.  The basic premise is asset inspections, so the geometry is pre-existing and accessed through the Surve...
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  • Arcmap won't open, FlexNet Licensing error

    ArcMap will not open, error code refers to FlexNet Licensing error, please see attachment.  Last month I renewed my annual license.  It worked well for a few weeks, now will not open.
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  • Unable to deploy downloaded webapp on S3

    I'm trying to use a downloaded webapp on S3.  It runs just fine on IIS locally. I've uploaded the files enabled and enabled public access as necessary to visit the bucket's static website. I can see the loading s...
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  • Clip to Current Index Feature in Map Series

    Hello,  I'm trying to clip everything except a couple of layers and imagery to my index feature in Map Series (otherwise known as data driven pages) in ArcPro. I have checked the box that should supposedly clip ...
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  • Multiple App Registration in AGOL:- Taboo?

    Hi there,   I would like to verify whether an assumption recently embraced by a few colleagues of mine is a myth or fact. This is for a organisation with more than one Administrator.   A colleague has ...
  • Why can't I embed a facebook page into a storymap?

    There is a Twitter page and a Facebook page I'd like to embed into my StoryMap I'm making for my unit.  However, anytime I try, whether through iframe or url, I keep hitting an error.  Why can't I do it? ...
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  • How to Update Geometry based on Attribute Values or External Tables

    I am trying to update the geometry of a point layer based on values in another table.  I originally collected a large set of manhole locations and attributes using a submeter GNSS receiver.  Requirements for...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.5 - Measure tool graphic options, etc

    How do I get rid of this white buffer it automatically shows?  It obscures what I'm trying to measure.  What is its purpose anyway?  Where are the graphic options for changing the line's thickness, colo...
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  • "Create random points" tool creating too many points in Pro

    Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem as I'm trying to generate a random sample of points in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2., and it keeps returning far too many!   You can see in the screenshot that my inputs are reque...
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  • Anyone know how to randomize a sequence of numbers in the field calculator?

    I have three separate groups of 80 each. In each of those groups, I am testing 8 different treatments. So 10 of every treatment in each group of 80. The distribution of each treatment needs to be even. 
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  • Portal with Web Adaptor for IIS showing only checkbox and other icons

    So, this is a solution to a problem I encountered, and spent several hours with ESRI trying to troubleshoot, only for it to be a simple setting causing the issue.  When using the webadaptor, the Portal site only ...
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  • The server is not ready for publishing - new fix

    So you are trying to publish from ArcMap to ArcGIS Server, and you are getting "The server is not ready for publishing.  Please check if the Publishing Tools on the server (System/PublishingTools) are started." &...
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  • Arcgis Trend Analysis Tool will not open

    When I click on the trend tool in the Geostatistical Analyst toolbar, the globe appears in the bottom right, Arcgis hangs for a bit and then nothing happens. This issue has been occurring for a week now. I have restar...
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