• Im doing a senior project " Using UAVs for monitoring a soil erosion", i have processed Data (RAW file) on the software "Contextcapture", So get a product; orthoimage and DSM,I have a question, How can I convert DSM to DEM in Arcgis, is it possible? and i

    Hello everyone, Im doing a senior project " Using UAVs for monitoring a soil erosion", i have processed Data (RAW file) on the software "Contextcapture", So get a product; orthoimage and DSM,I have a question, How can...
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  • Shapefile exported in QGIS cannot be opened in ArcMap?

    I export a point shapefile from QGIS 3.4 (Export -> Save Features as... -> ESRI Shapefile) and try to open it in ArcMap. However, ArcMap gives an error message "Error opening feature class". I noticed that the s...
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  • Does importing a new license file to ArcGIS Online replaces the existing one?

    Previously our subcription had just one creator, we created a new license file containing 4 creators and 50 viewers. When imported the license file, we now have 4 creators and 50 viewers, instead of having 5 crea...
  • Collector for Android do not collect online when signing with my account, but trying with other credentials it works fine.

    Whenever I try to use collector to test the maps I created, it shows that it is loading some maps... And give me zero results. It shows he message "A cellular or wifi data connection is required", and jumps to the "On...
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  • Point symbols not appearing

    I recently installed a new PC with Windows 10 and installed ArcGIS Desktop 10.7.1. Everything went as it should with no issues, however, my default ESRI Style point symbols seem to have vanished from the Symbol S...
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  • Data page not populating list

    On the Data page for some of my surveys, the list area below the map is not being populated properly. It appears that references to the records are there, but there is no information displayed and I cannot select indi...
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  • Survey123 and WiFi

    Is it necessary for WiFi to be turned on when collecting in Survey123?   What I have is a form that was built for recreation purposes to collect campsites, which is collected as polygons and calculates square fe...
  • Pop-up arcade statement returns street name.

    I'm having trouble getting a fairly basic arcade statement within the configure pop-ups expression to return what I expect. The expression: mid($feature['gis.DBO.parcels.APN'],0,3)+"-"+mid($feature['gis.DBO...
  • Adding Revit BIM into ArcGIS Pro

    I need to import Revit BIM data into ArcGISPro. I have seen many videos and tutorials that says it is possible and what can be done after importing.  I have good knowldege in Revit but I am new to GIS. I have man...
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  • Image service doesn't appear when zooming up to 20km in ArcGIS Online

    Hi ESRI Technical Support Team!   We've created image service from our own ArcGIS server using ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro. But the image layer /image service/ doesn't appear when zooming up to 20km. How to solve this?&...
  • Conditional Formatting

    Hi All, I have a layer on AGOL that changes color when a condition is met. I am wondering if I can do this on a second step..for example:   If an attribute is "0" then the formatting is blue, if it is any other...
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  • table to table error

    I have been debugging an issue for the past couple of days when trying to import a table from a file geodatabase to our enterprise geodatabase in ArcCatalog 10.6.1. The message that was received was a super unhelpful ...
  • Is there a way to resize annotated roadside labels in PRO?

    In PRO, I have annotated my roadsign labels in order to duplicate labels and ensure better placement than the Maplex Label Engine placement provides. Now, I need to resize the symbols as they are too big,...
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  • What is the best way to input CAD data into GIS to ensure greatest accuracy to known distances from scaled CAD site plans?

    Geodesic vs. Planar continued... communicating with CAD data.   Hello! I work as an environmental consultant, and I frequently prepare maps in ArcGIS Pro Basic of scaled site plans overlaid aerial imagery. We ge...
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  • Vertical Datum Issues with Models in GIS

    localscene #verticaldatum #3dwarehouse One of my students imported models into a Local Scene (ArcPro 2.4) and when I open them, the z is exaggerated (see below).  When I open them in ArcScene 10.7, it looks like...
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  • Table sort issue in edit

    I'm using arcmap 10.71 Desktop Basic. Sometimes when I am in an edit session I am not able to sort the attribute table. This does not  happen all the time, when it does I can reboot the program (sometimes twice)...
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  • Web Services causing error in creating Project Template ArcPro

    I'm trying to create a project template with a project connected to several web map services. Every attempt to create a template projects ends with: "ERROR: code:500, Error performing query operation, Intern...
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  • Deleting ArcGIS Online item - does not exist or is inaccessible

    I use a Python script that creates a new feature within my ArcGIS Online portal, that I later manually delete when I'm finished working with it.  Today my script was interrupted by a local network issue, but I fo...
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  • Portal for ArcGIS Installation error  "Installer No longer responding"

    Trying to install Portal for ArcGIS 10.5.1 on Windows Server 2012, but getting  the error "Installer No longer responding"  So please suggest above issue. Attached error .
  • File geodatabase in Windows networks very poor performance

    Hello, I'll try to keep this short. I represent a large goverment organisation in Sweden. I am a GIS coordinator for the user side of the organisation and of my daily tasks is to recommend best practices, to keep per...
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