• ArcPro -- were it any slower it would run backwards

    ArcPro, what a piece of software. What a wonder.   I am starting to think that the only platform on which I can get this beast to perform is IBM's Big Blue. Everything moves at glacial pace. Even just to list f...
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  • How to upload large amounts of data to Arc GIS Online to use for a map? (8 gigs of pdf's)

    Hello, I work for a utility company in Carthage, MO. I am currently working on a project to create a map on Arc GIS Online to store all our our archive drawings so that our field crew members can readily access them. ...
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  • Points to Line Tool breaks line at the Greenwich Meridian

    This might be a bug. I have a series of points that go across the Atlantic Ocean and ends in North Europe and when I tried to create the track path using the Points to Line tool the line instead of continuing and cros...
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  • How to calculate the length of polygons?

    Hi all,   I am looking for a tool that would allow me to draw a line in the middle of polygons to calculate the total length of my polygons. I do not have access to the tool 'polygon to centreline'. I would like...
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  • Repair Geometry in ArcPy on .shps?

    I'm trying to run Repair Geometries on shapefiles using ArcPy in Spyder. The tool description states that it can be run on .shps but the code provided by Esri requires you to first run Check Geometry and then Rep...
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  • ArcMap 10.5 "Not Responding"

    Anyone have any idea on why once I upgraded to 10.5 I have major issues with ArcMap running fine and then "not responding?"  It does this every couple of minutes. I can complete very simple tasks, such as se...
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  • Update Feature to TextField Not working

    I have been chatting with Erwin Soekianto regarding my issue at the post below.  At his request he told me to contact ESRI Technical Support.   https://community.esri.com/message/852328-re-update-features?c...
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  • Shape_Length and Shape_Area of Geographic Coordinate Data

    Suppose you have a spatial data expressed in a  geographic coordinate system (eg WGS84). Many geoprocessing tools, when operating on datasets, add one or  two fields to the data: Shape_Length (for line...
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  • Why does "Please input 255 characters at most" appear when changing languages on Survey123?

    I keep getting the subtitle "Please input 255 characters at most" when I change the language in a Survey123 survey. I have tried changing the specified text field length in the "bind::esri:fieldLength" but it is not c...
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  • Tips for Compressing with Existing Geodatabase Replicas

    In a versioned environment, all edits are stored in what we call delta tables, or Adds and Deletes tables, and these tables are assigned to a unique state ID. Edits are held in the delta tables to handle any conf...
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  • Why is my basemap not displaying in the Collector app?

    Here is the link to “ADA Curb Ramp Inventory 2019” web map. The base map does not draw on start up in the Collector app.  Users have to mess with it in order to get it to show up...   https://m...
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  • Deleting ArcGIS Online item - does not exist or is inaccessible

    I use a Python script that creates a new feature within my ArcGIS Online portal, that I later manually delete when I'm finished working with it.  Today my script was interrupted by a local network issue, but I fo...
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  • standard print widget on web app builder not working when legend ticked on

    Has anyone had an issue with web app builder where the print will fail if the user ticks the option for display legend? First time i get an error, unable to get property 'renderer' of undefined or null reference nex...
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  • When using a Geodatabase in Insights for ArcGIS, the line chart shows <No Data> although the selected field has no empty rows

    First I created a dashboard in Insights for ArcGIS by using shp files zipped in 1 zip. I hade to trim down the GDELT data because a server time-out happened too often. See pictures 1,2,3,4Dashboard: SHP dashboard...
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  • Cannot display Dashboards in online portfolio

    Hi There,   I have an ArcGIS web application that I use to showcase some of the ArcGIS online content that I have created. For reference here is an image: and here is a link for the portfolio. I'm not...
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  • Newly created points disappear on saving

    We are using ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 on multiple machines, with data residing on a server and no more than one person editing at a time, and we have a persistent issue with creating new features. When editing our photop...
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  • "Generate random points" tool creating too many points in Pro

    Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem as I'm trying to generate a random sample of points in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2., and it keeps returning far too many!   You can see in the screenshot that my inputs are reque...
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  • Recover Lost Licenses from My Esri

    Nobody likes to talk about it, but sometimes computers can crash.  Yup, the entire thing just fails and nothing at all can be recovered (if you haven’t backed up your data, go do it now!) Or what if your la...
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  • ArcMap data view not rendering after basemaps added

    I am having a major issue with ArcMap 10.5.1 and basemaps. I am able to add my data and have it render. It is also possible to add a basemap layer (doesn't matter which one, they all load). However, after the bas...
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  • How to Creates a new polygon feature class showing the extent of rasters ?

    How to Creates a new polygon feature class showing the extent of rasters ?
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