• Multiple App Registration in AGOL:- Taboo?

    Hi there,   I would like to verify whether an assumption recently embraced by a few colleagues of mine is a myth or fact. This is for a organisation with more than one Administrator.   A colleague has ...
  • Why can't I embed a facebook page into a storymap?

    There is a Twitter page and a Facebook page I'd like to embed into my StoryMap I'm making for my unit.  However, anytime I try, whether through iframe or url, I keep hitting an error.  Why can't I do it? ...
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  • ArcMap 10.8 is getting hung up on basic joins and exporting layers - help!?

    I use a (not amazing but not that old) PC laptop for my map work - and literally nothing else. I know it's a heavy program, so I separate it from other work so I can continue on while processes happen.    A...
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  • How to Update Geometry based on Attribute Values or External Tables

    I am trying to update the geometry of a point layer based on values in another table.  I originally collected a large set of manhole locations and attributes using a submeter GNSS receiver.  Requirements for...
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  • ArcGIS Pro "Project not found" error, missing .aprx and toolbox.

    Hello all,   I had a project I was working on in ArcGIS Pro earlier today in which I had a toolbox with a few models, a script, and FME tools. A few minutes after having closed out Pro, I re-opened it and t...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.5 - Measure tool graphic options, etc

    How do I get rid of this white buffer it automatically shows?  It obscures what I'm trying to measure.  What is its purpose anyway?  Where are the graphic options for changing the line's thickness, colo...
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  • "Create random points" tool creating too many points in Pro

    Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem as I'm trying to generate a random sample of points in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2., and it keeps returning far too many!   You can see in the screenshot that my inputs are reque...
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  • Anyone know how to randomize a sequence of numbers in the field calculator?

    I have three separate groups of 80 each. In each of those groups, I am testing 8 different treatments. So 10 of every treatment in each group of 80. The distribution of each treatment needs to be even. 
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  • Portal with Web Adaptor for IIS showing only checkbox and other icons

    So, this is a solution to a problem I encountered, and spent several hours with ESRI trying to troubleshoot, only for it to be a simple setting causing the issue.  When using the webadaptor, the Portal site only ...
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  • The server is not ready for publishing - new fix

    So you are trying to publish from ArcMap to ArcGIS Server, and you are getting "The server is not ready for publishing.  Please check if the Publishing Tools on the server (System/PublishingTools) are started." &...
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  • Arcgis Trend Analysis Tool will not open

    When I click on the trend tool in the Geostatistical Analyst toolbar, the globe appears in the bottom right, Arcgis hangs for a bit and then nothing happens. This issue has been occurring for a week now. I have restar...
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  • How do i export atribute table data from ArcGISPro to excel?

    How do i export atribute table data from ArcGISPro to excel?
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  • I have an ArcGis Pro license and it will not authenticate through to open the software.

    When authenticating it throws up a scripting error.  Once I click through, it then redirects me to my google account to login. I authenticate and then it throws another error indicating that the browser that I am...
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  • Adding feature class and applying symbology in ArcGIS Pro using arcpy

    Using an arcpy script run from a toolbox, I want to import a feature class from a geodatabase into an ArcPro map and then symbolise that layer based on a lyrx file stored on disk. Here is a simplified version:   ...
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  • Why are option drop downs appearing behind the ArcGIS Pro screen?

    I'm unable to select choices from drop-downs (i.e. font style, halo style, etc.) because the list is apparently appearing behind my ArcGIS Pro application screen instead of in front where I can see and click choices. ...
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  • Resolved: ArcMap remote desktop connection error

    For some reason I have been getting the following error when trying to start an instance during a remote desktop session (most probably related to the graphics card).  ArcGIS: LoadLibrary failed with error 87:Th...
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  • Temporary Services Support for GIS Workers

    Hello,   I work two GIS-heavy jobs - one for the Portland Bureau of Transportation, and the other for an environmental consultant in the Portland area. Given the recent events w/ COVID-19, I (along with many oth...
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  • Selecting Style from the Item Menu under Legend Properties Causes ArcMap to Crash

    I was working on a bivariate symbology and working to re-organize my legend rather than doing it manually. In doing so, I took the following steps:   1. Right-Click on the legend and Select Properties 2. Select...
  • How to update NEC file and view in S-57 viewer?

    I have a set of NEC data in .000 file, NEC data will be updated monthly, but in NON .000 file (e.g. .003, .012 etc.). How can I update the original .000 file by using the updated NON .000 file and can view the updates...
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  • How to automatically create PDF reports at scale using the Esri Suite?

    Hi there,   I want to create a system that will allow me to create PDF reports at scale if a user enters a specific address. I'm looking to achieve a result very similar to this example: https://www.water.vic.go...
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