• Setting Coordinate System of GPS Data (Trimble)

    Hi Everyone,    I have some shapefiles that were exported from a Trimble GPS unit that I am having trouble projecting correctly once I pull them into ArcMap. I have shapefiles that were exported from the de...
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  • Fiona not working from ArcPro

    I installed fiona into an environment in ArcPro and then launched it from Anaconda using Jupyter notebook. When I try to import it I get an import error. This error is being discussed on gis.stackexchange here. Their ...
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  • "Fatal error- Cannot create temporary folder. The program will exit"

    [3/19/2019 3:49 PM]      I am trying to install ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 on a window server 2016,  and the set up is not opening I am getting this error "Fatal error- Cannot create temporar...
  • How can I change the arrangement of the maps that are displayed on my organizations home page?

    I have multiple groups within my organization. I have set a specific group to display on my organizations home page. Is it possible to select specific maps to display on the main home page?  
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  • Make Route dialog box is missing in Arc Desktop. Help me locate it please.

    The Make Route dialog box is missing in Arc Desktop. Can anyone help me locate it? When I click the make route button in route editor tools, the window simply does not appear. I have reset my user profile, renamed the...
    created by agata.z1989
  • Validation capability  option on Configuration tab in ArcGISPro2.5

    Hi, I have created Utility network and Branch version in ArcGIS Pro 2.5. I am unable to find the Validation capability  option in Configuration tab on while publishing as Web Layer. I am using ArcGISPro2.5 and...
  • HEC-GEOHMS 10.8 - "characteristic" tools are not working (river length, river slope, basin slope, etc.).  Has anyone had this issue and know how to fix it?

    I recently upgraded to ArcGIS 10.8 and installed the Hec-geohms (10.8) toolbar.  Unfortunately the characteristics tools are not working.  Has anyone had this problem or know how to fix this i...
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  • AGOL Application Search Widget generates "no results" message

    Hello, I'm experiencing Bug BUG-000094906 and I wonder if there's a fix for this already? AGOL Application Search Widget generates "no results" message Many thanks
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  • The reverse ordering option in the symbology options reverses the legend colors, but not the map colors.

    The light colored area of this map are water and the darker colored areas are land. However in the legend, the colors are reversed. Something is clearly broken. I am using the most updated version of ArcGIS pro as of ...
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  • Attribute rule problem with feature layer with attachment

    Hi there,  I have an issue with very simple (as i hoped) attribute rule, which should calculate number to a new feature. The number should be just one higher than maximal value found in the attribute. Here is my...
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  • Could I get ArcGIS desktop licence by covid-19 learn program?

    Could I get ArcGIS desktop licence by covid-19 learn program?
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  • Infographics widget not seeing the data in extra data source AGOL WAB

    I have an excel spreadsheet that I uploaded to AGOL as a table. I add it as an extra data source in WAB to be used with the dashboard template. I select the infographics widget and tell it to point to the extra data s...
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  • ESRI - Heatmap - 4.12 - Control color radius on map

    We are using heatmap ESRI and customized it to have new field "score". Max score will be considered as MaxpixelIntensity of the heatmap. one case if we have point (a particular lat, lon)  has high score, its ...
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  • Populating Null Values

    I have a line feature class with some null values. I want to populate the null values with the average of the two closest line features with a value. How can I do that? 
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  • VRP question

    At present, we have two trucks that collect kitchen waste and they need to do the job at night. Each truck has a maximum capacity for 12 waste containers and there are 20 kitchen waste points which have from 40 to 20 ...
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  • ArcMap takes more than 3 mins to open and initialize license

    Hi,   Arcmap 10.7.1 takes along time to open and initialize license, the license is concurrent and configured  by License manager on another server.   Please help regarding the issue?
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  • Locator Standardization

    Problem Description: i had a question about build an address locator based on malaysia standard address. I already use dual range style using street reference data.But i found when doing the interactive search method...
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  • convert to kml using selection in pro

    Is there a way to export out a KMZ using just the features selected as you could in desktop?  I haven't found a way in the tool in Pro and I need to be able to do it from the original SDE not an exported selectio...
    created by halmarshall
  • ArcGIS Pro "Project not found" error, missing .aprx and toolbox.

    Hello all,   I had a project I was working on in ArcGIS Pro earlier today in which I had a toolbox with a few models, a script, and FME tools. A few minutes after having closed out Pro, I re-opened it and t...
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  • Add-in folder path not saving in ArcMap 10.2.1

    I have added add-in folder path (local C: drive) with in ArcMap. Save the MXD. Re-open the MXD, the folder path is missing.  System: Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter I have checked, the AddInFolderLists.xml is...
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