• Reconnected after all this time!

    "Can I fix feature linked annotation if it's no longer working as expected?" is a question I'm frequently asked. Good news, the answer is "yes, annotation can typically be fixed." What do I mean when I say "fix your ...
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  • What version of OpenGL do I have? And do I have the latest drivers for my system?

    Question: I have purchased the latest Esri software for both ArcGIS Desktop 10 and Server 10. I do not know if my desktops or my servers have the OpenGL versions that Esri requires. How can I find out if my systems me...
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  • Troubleshooting issues adding ArcGIS Online basemaps to ArcMap

    As we move into an era that utilizes cloud-based services more and more frequently, it becomes inevitable that sometimes we are going to run into issues connecting our desktop machines to those services. Within ArcGIS...
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  • Understanding Network Locations

    Have you ever tried to get a route between several points in ArcMap and received the message "Warning: Location X in 'Stops' is on a non-traversable network element position"? You do a little research and find out you...
  • Troubleshooting Slow Performance in ArcGIS for Desktop

    A common question that I see in Desktop Support is “Why is ArcMap performing so slowly?” This can be a particularly tricky question as the answer depends on so many factors. For some, the answer is related...
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  • A New Search Experience on Support.Esri.com

    When looking for answers and solutions related to the ArcGIS Platform, you may have used Support.Esri.Com in the past. This site hosts the largest search collections on the Esri.com and ArcGIS.com domains, return...
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  • Seven easy ways to start learning Python and ArcPy

    I have some great news: you don't have to be a programmer to write code! Thanks to languages like Python, coding is now available to the masses, and the GIS world is one of its newest audiences. The ArcPy site pa...
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  • Gauging ArcGIS GIS Server Performance with Integrated Windows Authentication

    If you want to know how much traffic your ArcGIS Server site can handle, you'll have to thoroughly test. And because you're probably not going to convince thousands of people to log on to your apps and services a...
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  • How to Update the Location of a Point Feature and Its XY Fields

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where our boss just handed us a 100 percent accurate table of XY data so that we could generate the point feature class using the “Display XY” tool and...
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  • Screensharing from Mobile Devices using Zoom (iOS & Android)

    Picture the scenario: You are working with Collector for ArcGIS, but you continue experiencing minor problems with adding points. You give your friendly Esri Support Analyst a call and they begin walking you through s...
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  • Why can’t I submit cases? (Or, How I became an authorized caller and reported my issue)

    You’re using Esri software and you find an issue. You want to let Esri know about this issue so we can fix it. So you sign in to My Esri, and you navigate to the Support sub tab under My Organizations. You sear...
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  • The New Support.esri.com - Product Pages

    The new Support website provides a variety of tools and resources to help you find answers to your questions and solutions for your technical issues. If you are just looking for general help information, the site incl...
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  • Using Third Party Graphing Libraries With The 4.x JavaScript API

    IntroductionThis is a quick blog post to show how easy it is to integrate beautiful graphs into your JavaScript application using the 4.x API. If you are new to the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, we provide an easy way to...
  • Understanding Irregularities with Hourly Feature Storage Charges Related to Bug-000100343

            Users/Administrators of ArcGIS Online Organizations may have noticed some irregularities with feature storage credit charges between January 1st and July 4th, 2018. This was a result of a...
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  • ArcGIS Pro Download Map Tool fails to download correctly when spanning 180° line

    I'm trying to download some base maps that covers the extent of Alaska using the Download Map Tool in ArcGIS Pro 2.2, but since Alaska spans across the 180° line I get everything except the area that I want....
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  • Setting up a Proxy

    A proxy page stands between a server and an application. By using a proxy, you allow an application to authenticate on your behalf, bypassing a challenge and accessing secured services inside of an appl...
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  • ArcGIS API 3.x for JavaScript Product Life Cycle Strategy

    This post provides insight into how we manage version 3.x of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript (JSAPI) release plan and technical support strategy.   The JavaScript development team has made great progress bringing v...
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  • The Case of the Missing Group

    A common question that we receive in Support and on GeoNet is “why can’t I see my group in the share dialog”. It’s happened to the best of us and maybe you can identify with the image below. &...
  • ArcGIS SQL QueryLayer - Feature Disappear on Map Navigation

    I am using SQL server 2012 SP1 and created the SQL Query Layer and once I open it in ArcMap 10.3.1 then I find few feature disappeared at the bottom. Also, I do pan the map to the bottom and do refresh the map ,featur...
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  • WWTSD (What Would Tech Support Do?) Part I

    Tips for figuring out what is going on when things aren’t working in ArcMap Have ever you called Esri Support Services (ESS) with one question and the analyst asks you a seemingly unrelated question? ...
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