• How do I make my python script portable for ArcMap users?

    Here is the situation: I am using ArcGis Pro to create a tool, but my associate wants to use the tool in ArcMap 10.6. I ensured that my python was written so it could be interpreted by both ArcGIS Pro 2.2 and Arc...
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  • Where are my worksheets in my excel file? And what parameter data type are they?

    I am trying to perform analysis on worksheets in a .xlsx file. However, I am unable to access the worksheet. In the ArcGIS Pro catalog, I see my Excel file with a drop-down arrow, but when I click on it, the worksheet...
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  • City Engine crashed and won't run again because the workspace is in use

    I was using City Engine 2018 which crashed while I switched the view mode to "Textured." The program disappeared without a dialog. When I launched the program a dialog box "Workspace in use. Cannot obtain lock for wor...
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  • Unable to assign user to this account, username is unavailable

    We have recently setup enterprise logins with our AGOL organization.  Unfortunately, prior to setting up enterprise logins, we created a number of user accounts where the username matched their username in the en...
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  • i still can not open my map in collector ?

    Good evening - Please Help   I purchased a single users GIS package almost 3 weeks ago and still can not open my map in collector.   I am at the stage of publishing a service in the 'Share as Service' box....
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  • Invalid feature geometry

    Hi, I am using mapView.locationDisplay.mapLocation to add point features to a service table however the feature has x and y coordinates of (0,0). It appears in the service table but not on the map. How can I fix this...
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  • Adding a point feature at a device's current location

    Good Day, I have been using the code below to zoom to the device's location and add a point feature based on the device's current location by clicking any where on the screen. The feature is being added to the service...
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  • ArcReader 10.4.1 disables right-click context menu function

    An ArcReader 10.4.1 installation on one of our Win 10 workstations disables the Windows right-click function for all other programs when ArcReader is active. ArcReader must be shut down in order to retrieve the right-...
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  • ArcGIS Online: How to share webmap with a private link

    I have created a webmap that I'd like to share only with certain people, not with the public, but I am unsure how to achieve this. I want it to behave like an unlisted youtube video, where only people with the link ca...
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  • Add Folder Connection causing ArcGIS Pro crash

    Anyone else having this issue?   The program crashes after attempting to add a folder connection in ArcGIS Pro 2.2. Once the folder is selected, the program disappears with no error or crash message.   The...
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  • Error creating initial administrator account ArcGIS Portal 10.6 on Centos Linux

    I have problem when create new portal with Portal for ArcGIS 10.6, always error while using OS Linux CenTOS 7.5 and Linux Ubuntu.    There was an error creating your initial administrator account. Unknown...
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  • ERROR 15256 in HEC-HMS

    For HEC-HMS model, found an ERROR 15256 : METEOROLOGICAL MODEL IS NOT SET UP TO WORK WITH  BASIN MODEL. Kindly, let us know the resolution. 
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  • Scene Layer Vertical Coordinate Ambiguity Problem (one slpk is referenced properly, others are not - with same parameters/settings)  <Updated Link to slpk files>

    Hello GeoNet Family!   I am interested in learning more about the vertical coordinate reference system associated with the scene layouts in both ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online (AGO).  Regarding the scene,...
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  • Error com.esri.arcgis.portal.admin.core.PortalException: com.esri.arcgis.portal.admin.core.PortalException: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.Exception: Server returned HTTP status code 301. Requested URL: https://GRSP23WSAPX34.FMI.COM:7443/arcgis/sha

    Hi,   I have problem while update configuration for update identity store ArcGIS Portal . Actually that error occures when im using LDAP or Windows authentication. Please help   Errorcom.esri.arcgis.portal....
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  • ArcMap not finding files in ArcCatalog

    Hello All, When I go to "Add Data" within ArcMap, ArcMap is not finding the .csv/.exls/.txt files that are within ArcCatalog. I have added these file types under the Catalog options and the files are visible within A...
  • ArcGIS Server Federation Error

    Hi, I have attempted a federation of the ArcGIS Server 10.6 to the ArcGIS Portal. It seemed to have worked as I have also configured the portal to work with our Active Directory domain. However, I cannot register the...
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  • Whether ARCGis Online Operational Dashboards supported by smartphones..? Any recent updates..?

    We have tested   Operational Dashboards in tablets.But in mobiles unable to open Dashboards.. Whether ARCGIS Online Operational Dashboards  not supported by smartphones..? Any recent updates..?
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  • Error on publishing

    We are installing ArcGis 10.6 and getting "packaging succeeded, but publishing failed.  Error 001369: failed to create the service"     We are using a Buffalo Terastation TS5410R NAS file share as...
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  • Python.exe crash creating sddraft file under ArcGIS10.5?

    We have a very simple python script that was working fine under 10.3.1, but since then I've upgraded my dev box to windows 10 x64 and installed Arc Desktop 10.5.   #Create the SDDraft analyze_messages = arcpy.Cr...
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  • ArcGIS 10.6 for Desktop Does Not Display Project

    This morning my project appeared normally, and when I came back to work on it, the windows were simplified and won't show any of my project. I have attached a video to show the issue. Has anyone experienced this probl...
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