• Spatial Indexing Issue

    Hi,   Whenever I create a new feature class with ST_Geometry column, It's created without any issue but I cannot insert data into it until unless I remove the spatial index from it.   I have tried the f...
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  • Update Survey123 form data from another source

    Hello,   I am looking for a way to auto populate form drop down answers.  We are using Survey123 for a work order application and new jobs are being added daily.  My current workflow is to get the job ...
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  • resize multiple features in shapefile

    Hi,    I have a shapefile containing more than 300 polygones in it. Each polygone touch each other, creating like a grid. I would like to rescale each features at about 0.75 of the size they currently have...
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  • ArcMap 10.7 Crashes on Startup

    Hi I recently upgradedarcmap from 10.6 to 10.7. 10.6 worked fine. But 10.7 crashes on startup. ArcCatalog works, but much slower than in 10.6. These are the things I've tried so far: 1. Resetting profile 2. Unins...
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  • Float Raster to Integer Raster

    I have 64 bit TIFF rasters showing heat data around new york extracted from google earth engine. I'm trying to run a clip or intersection analysis to see if my point data matches the raster data. The TIFF files do not...
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  • Spatial SQLite database - SQL

    I created a spatial SQLite database using ArcMap and I'm trying include a new point in my table (tbl_furos_coordenadas), by SQL, but I'm not having success with this... My table created below:   CREATE TABLE tbl...
  • No Empty Geometries exist but Validate Topology Failed - "the operation was attempted on an empty geometry"

    I'm trying to validate the existing topology of a polygon feature class (roughly 2.8 million features) that exists inside a feature dataset on our ArcSDE database. The topology validation fails with after an hour and ...
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  • how to make hypsometric curves using ArcGIS pro for a catchment area

    For a specific catchment area, how do i find the corresponding area with respect to the elevation range (hypsometry curve)?
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  • File geodatabase in Windows networks very poor performance

    Hello, I'll try to keep this short. I represent a large goverment organisation in Sweden. I am a GIS coordinator for the user side of the organisation and of my daily tasks is to recommend best practices, to keep per...
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  • table to table error

    I have been debugging an issue for the past couple of days when trying to import a table from a file geodatabase to our enterprise geodatabase in ArcCatalog 10.6.1. The message that was received was a super unhelpful ...
  • Where can you find st_geometry.dll for trial license ?

    Hello .   I would like to ask question regarding to initialization geodatabase on PostgreSQL using trial licesen. I just installed ArcGIS pro 2.4 using free trial.   Free Trial of ArcGIS Pro | Try for 21 ...
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  • Feature Compare tool does not work as expected

    After two days of debugging the Feature Compare tool in ArcCatalog 10.7.1 and reading through this forum it would seem the tool does not work as expected. It seems way too comprehensive. It would be great if there was...
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  • How to send an email to arcmap and arcgis pro users if they didn't used the app for last 90 days and revoke the access ?

    My department has multiple users who has license of Arc-map and ArcGIS Pro. Sometimes what happens is , the users who holds the license install the app but seldom use the app . In this occasion, we need to monitor who...
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  • Replicating distributed data with the 'register with existing data' option

    With the growing need for organizations to distribute their data in remote locations, geodatabase replication can help to manage the changes made between geodatabases in different locations. When working with distribu...
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  • arcpy.Copy_management is throwing a runtime error

    I want to copy a table from SDE to a local file gdb. Assuming   SDEworkspace is the full path to the SDE database   outGDB is the full path to the local file gdb   Here is the code:   ...
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  • How to upload large amounts of data to Arc GIS Online to use for a map? (8 gigs of pdf's)

    Hello, I work for a utility company in Carthage, MO. I am currently working on a project to create a map on Arc GIS Online to store all our our archive drawings so that our field crew members can readily access them. ...
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  • Tips for Compressing with Existing Geodatabase Replicas

    In a versioned environment, all edits are stored in what we call delta tables, or Adds and Deletes tables, and these tables are assigned to a unique state ID. Edits are held in the delta tables to handle any conf...
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  • Options for Authorizing an Enterprise Geodatabase

    Following up on a previous post regarding obtaining license files for creating enterprise geodatabases, we want to provide more insight into how this can be done if you don't have access to the server instal...
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  • Feature Count returning incorrect value in Attribute Table (and associated problems)

    I recently upgraded to ArcGIS 10.7 but I have been experiencing an odd issue ever since - this is the first time it has become really annoying/ problematic. I work for a water company, and I have a point layer with...
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  • Arcsoc.exe executing sql statement in oracle

    Some time a go we have noticed that the following sql statement was executed frequently in our Oracle database.   BEGIN /* ArcSDE plsql */ execute immediate 'create table tst_tab(id integer)';execute immediate '...
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