• Error slpk mesh drone2map

    Hello, my name is Andres from Spain.I´m having problems when generating multi lod mesh in slpk format with drone2map I have more than 10 different flights in different locations made with my drone (mavic2pro) an...
    created by anmarroAGOL
  • Confusion Matrix for Random Forest and SVM

    Hello All, I am running RF and SVM on a raster imagery using DEM and Randomly generated points (which are generated withing assigned boundaries of vegetation class). I am getting the results for RF and SVM, but my q...
    created by ppbhatt_mtu
  • Update Table Row Error

    I am trying to edit an attribute value in a hosted feature layer. When I edit the value in ArcGIS Pro I get an error message stating: " Update table row failed General function failure [invalid column name 'AUTHO...
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  • Image service doesn't appear when zooming up to 20km in ArcGIS Online

    Hi ESRI Technical Support Team!   We've created image service from our own ArcGIS server using ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro. But the image layer /image service/ doesn't appear when zooming up to 20km. How to solve this?&...
  • Im doing a senior project " Using UAVs for monitoring a soil erosion", i have processed Data (RAW file) on the software "Contextcapture", So get a product; orthoimage and DSM,I have a question, How can I convert DSM to DEM in Arcgis, is it possible? and i

    Hello everyone, Im doing a senior project " Using UAVs for monitoring a soil erosion", i have processed Data (RAW file) on the software "Contextcapture", So get a product; orthoimage and DSM,I have a question, How can...
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  • Pop-up arcade statement returns street name.

    I'm having trouble getting a fairly basic arcade statement within the configure pop-ups expression to return what I expect. The expression: mid($feature['gis.DBO.parcels.APN'],0,3)+"-"+mid($feature['gis.DBO...
  • Adding Revit BIM into ArcGIS Pro

    I need to import Revit BIM data into ArcGISPro. I have seen many videos and tutorials that says it is possible and what can be done after importing.  I have good knowldege in Revit but I am new to GIS. I have man...
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  • table to table error

    I have been debugging an issue for the past couple of days when trying to import a table from a file geodatabase to our enterprise geodatabase in ArcCatalog 10.6.1. The message that was received was a super unhelpful ...
  • Is there a way to resize annotated roadside labels in PRO?

    In PRO, I have annotated my roadsign labels in order to duplicate labels and ensure better placement than the Maplex Label Engine placement provides. Now, I need to resize the symbols as they are too big,...
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  • What is the best way to input CAD data into GIS to ensure greatest accuracy to known distances from scaled CAD site plans?

    Geodesic vs. Planar continued... communicating with CAD data.   Hello! I work as an environmental consultant, and I frequently prepare maps in ArcGIS Pro Basic of scaled site plans overlaid aerial imagery. We ge...
    created by ATSI_NickD
  • Web Services causing error in creating Project Template ArcPro

    I'm trying to create a project template with a project connected to several web map services. Every attempt to create a template projects ends with: "ERROR: code:500, Error performing query operation, Intern...
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  • Monitoring web service requests using Fiddler

    In a previous blog post, my esteemed colleague and board game nemesis Kelly Gerrow-Wilcox discussed the basics of capturing web traffic in a web browser using the built in browser developer tools.  But what about...
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  • ArcMap 10.7 Crashes on Startup

    Hi I recently upgradedarcmap from 10.6 to 10.7. 10.6 worked fine. But 10.7 crashes on startup. ArcCatalog works, but much slower than in 10.6. These are the things I've tried so far: 1. Resetting profile 2. Unins...
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  • License Server Administrator, the VPN and Portal not playing together

    I am trying to set up the license server administrator so that it works for my organization.   We are using portal 10.7.1 and my users are GIS Professional Advanced.   We are using portal 10.7.1. I have se...
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  • Where can you find st_geometry.dll for trial license ?

    Hello .   I would like to ask question regarding to initialization geodatabase on PostgreSQL using trial licesen. I just installed ArcGIS pro 2.4 using free trial.   Free Trial of ArcGIS Pro | Try for 21 ...
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  • Issues with Display XY Data Tool

    I am having problems with displaying xy data from csv files in arc gis pro.   I have been using this tool to display points in a project all week (re-importing when i make edits to csv) and all of a sudden the d...
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  • How to send an email to arcmap and arcgis pro users if they didn't used the app for last 90 days and revoke the access ?

    My department has multiple users who has license of Arc-map and ArcGIS Pro. Sometimes what happens is , the users who holds the license install the app but seldom use the app . In this occasion, we need to monitor who...
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  • ArcGIS doest accept a string, as a result of a custom python tool, in a model

    I'm stuck with this issue for 8 hours and could not find what I'm doing wrong.   I have a model that uses the Feature Class to Feature Class tool. It needs 3 inputs (Input layer, location and output name). My go...
    created by GustavoRTE
  • ApplySymbologyFromLayer on ArcGIS Pro does not work

    I am stuck with this issue for days, and yet I could not find a solution.    Long story short, the "arcpy.ApplySymbologyFromLayer_management" simply does not work. The code runs without any issue, I can see...
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  • Manage Tile Cache ignores AOI polygon

    Hello,   I'm running Manage Tile Cache in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.3, Windows 7, with an input AOI polygon. The result is not what I expect, since areas outside AOI are included in the resulting tile cache, see attached ...
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