• Pop-Up Duplication

    I am having issue with pop ups using desktop Pro 2.6.0. I some how have duplicated even quadrupled the results. A single click pop up gives me the result below. The polygon is a 1 line shapefile in a database. and th...
    created by tbaldwin136
  • Pro 2.6.0 geometry calculation error

    At Pro 2.6.0 the calculated geometry of a feature class attribute is incorrect. A rectangle 66’ x 660’ is 1 acre (43,560 sq. ft.), although, the calculation by right-clicking the attribute and calculating....
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  • Select map at startup

    I have an ArcGIS Pro project with multiple maps. I would like to be able to open the project with a user specified map active. I have searched unsuccessfully for command line switches. I imagine it would look somethin...
    created by burfordb
  • Failed to execute TrainDeepLearningModel

    Hello everyone, I'm having an issue right now with my ArcGIS Pro which has forced me to uninstall and reinstall the app as well as install all its deep learning packages for smooth operation. Its the Train Deep Learni...
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  • resize multiple features in shapefile

    Hi,    I have a shapefile containing more than 300 polygones in it. Each polygone touch each other, creating like a grid. I would like to rescale each features at about 0.75 of the size they currently have...
    last modified by abcazenave_virginiatech
  • Legend keeps showing additional unwanted text in export but not in layout??

    Can someone please help me with this issue I am having with this export of my map. Every time I export my map to a pdf and/or jpeg this additional text "Layer #" appears above the legend in the export but does not app...
    created by ramosh95
  • How do i get my authorization number for ARCGIS from my instructor?

    I need to download arcgis for student and need authorization
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  • Adding feature class and applying symbology in ArcGIS Pro using arcpy

    Using an arcpy script run from a toolbox, I want to import a feature class from a geodatabase into an ArcPro map and then symbolise that layer based on a lyrx file stored on disk. Here is a simplified version:   ...
    last modified by sean.hough_qgsp
  • ArcMap 10.7 Crashes on Startup

    Hi I recently upgradedarcmap from 10.6 to 10.7. 10.6 worked fine. But 10.7 crashes on startup. ArcCatalog works, but much slower than in 10.6. These are the things I've tried so far: 1. Resetting profile 2. Unins...
    last modified by barryjames
  • Update dynamic text

    Is it possible to update dynamic text when changing the layer?
  • Group and label legend by field

    I'm trying to group classes in my legend and use that group name as titles. Image 1 shows the zones without the grouping. Image2 shows the attribute table with the RefName (Zone) and District fields. I want to group o...
    created by thanley
  • Error 999999 block adjustment

    Hello, I encountered a problem while trying to use the adjust tool in ArcGIS Pro. I intended generating an orthomosaic from the drone images I had, however, after creating the workspace successfully, it would show an ...
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  • Group Layers ArcGIS Online

    I am new to ArcGIS online and I am looking for a way to group layers. I know it can be done in the ArcGIS Pro software but not ArcGIS online. I did a google search with this question and received some confusing answer...
    last modified by BCAGISCA
  • Multipatch building heights

    Hi,   The multipatch data has actual building structure information, is there any way in ArcGIS Pro to extract the building heights without roof?  As shown in the attach screenshot, i want to measure dista...
    created by mk4338
  • Fiona not working from ArcPro

    I installed fiona into an environment in ArcPro and then launched it from Anaconda using Jupyter notebook. When I try to import it I get an import error. This error is being discussed on gis.stackexchange here. Their ...
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  • The reverse ordering option in the symbology options reverses the legend colors, but not the map colors.

    The light colored area of this map are water and the darker colored areas are land. However in the legend, the colors are reversed. Something is clearly broken. I am using the most updated version of ArcGIS pro as of ...
    last modified by ddileonardo
  • convert to kml using selection in pro

    Is there a way to export out a KMZ using just the features selected as you could in desktop?  I haven't found a way in the tool in Pro and I need to be able to do it from the original SDE not an exported selectio...
    created by halmarshall
  • ArcGIS Pro "Project not found" error, missing .aprx and toolbox.

    Hello all,   I had a project I was working on in ArcGIS Pro earlier today in which I had a toolbox with a few models, a script, and FME tools. A few minutes after having closed out Pro, I re-opened it and t...
    last modified by dmgissvcs
  • How do I view PDFs located in an ArcPro Catalog folder. 

    How do I view PDFs located in an ArcPro Catalog folder.  In the past, I would add a pdf file type in the Customize/ArcCatalog Options selections.  But I have yet to find this option in ArcPro's Catalog ...
  • Float Raster to Integer Raster

    I have 64 bit TIFF rasters showing heat data around new york extracted from google earth engine. I'm trying to run a clip or intersection analysis to see if my point data matches the raster data. The TIFF files do not...
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