• Cannot open MXD document in ArcGIS with some ArcGIS Online logins

    When opening a specific map document in ArcMap and prompted to login to ArcGIS Online some users are getting the following error:      Once you click ok, you just get a empty mxd open. I can open it ...
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  • how to make hypsometric curves using ArcGIS pro for a catchment area

    For a specific catchment area, how do i find the corresponding area with respect to the elevation range (hypsometry curve)?
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  • How to set the Callout Leader line height in WPF SDK

    I am using callout to show custom details on map. Multiple features present in the same location and same height. I need to show callouts for these features.   For Example, 3 features on the same geometry, so th...
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  • why won't my shape file download?

    I have created an excel spreadsheet and zipped the file.  When I went to download it came up with an error message saying unable to import this shapefile   Are you able to help please?
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  • Labeling in AGOL with Arcade

    Hello!    I have a quick question about creating colored labels in AGOL with arcade. I am trying to filter out my data with If/else statements for the appropriate range for a given color, then assigning a c...
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  • Living Atlas- Adding a feature layer on AGOL using REST URL

    Map document is published on Enterprise Server with SDE connection of Enterprise geodatabase. Then, I am trying to add an item on AGOL using REST url (from server) ending with /MapServer/0 and /MapServer/1. ...
    created by geospatialmind
  • Is there way to un-host feature layers?

    Hi,   Through viewing our status reports, we believe our credits are being quickly consumed from storing large hosted feature layers on our ArcGIS Online organization account. Is there a way to slow do...
    created by laura.roth
  • Update Table Row Error

    I am trying to edit an attribute value in a hosted feature layer. When I edit the value in ArcGIS Pro I get an error message stating: " Update table row failed General function failure [invalid column name 'AUTHO...
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  • ArcGIS Online: How to share webmap with a private link

    I have created a webmap that I'd like to share only with certain people, not with the public, but I am unsure how to achieve this. I want it to behave like an unlisted youtube video, where only people with the link ca...
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  • Collector for Android do not collect online when signing with my account, but trying with other credentials it works fine.

    Whenever I try to use collector to test the maps I created, it shows that it is loading some maps... And give me zero results. It shows he message "A cellular or wifi data connection is required", and jumps to the "On...
    created by GustavoRTE
  • Conditional Formatting

    Hi All, I have a layer on AGOL that changes color when a condition is met. I am wondering if I can do this on a second step..for example:   If an attribute is "0" then the formatting is blue, if it is any other...
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  • Deleting ArcGIS Online item - does not exist or is inaccessible

    I use a Python script that creates a new feature within my ArcGIS Online portal, that I later manually delete when I'm finished working with it.  Today my script was interrupted by a local network issue, but I fo...
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  • Monitoring web service requests using Fiddler

    In a previous blog post, my esteemed colleague and board game nemesis Kelly Gerrow-Wilcox discussed the basics of capturing web traffic in a web browser using the built in browser developer tools.  But what about...
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  • Web AppBuilder near me widget filter doesn't work

    Hi   I created a web app in AGOL and used a hosted feature layer. I then add the Near Me widget and configured it to return results within a certain diameter from that layer. In addition, I also crated a filter ...
    created by josh.cone_DDC
  • ArcMap 10.7 Crashes on Startup

    Hi I recently upgradedarcmap from 10.6 to 10.7. 10.6 worked fine. But 10.7 crashes on startup. ArcCatalog works, but much slower than in 10.6. These are the things I've tried so far: 1. Resetting profile 2. Unins...
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  • How to clear the selection in zone lookup?

    Hi,   I tried this new Zone lookup app and this seems to be great simple app for many cases.    My app works fine except i have one problem. When I click map, application shows selected zone and hides o...
    created by eveliina.toivola
  • Copy and paste features in ArcGIS Online

    Wondering if there is a way to copy and paste a feature (geometry and attributes) using ArcGIS online editing. (Someone asked this question on GIS stack exchange and never got an answer.) For example, can I add a shap...
  • Best tool for traffic planning on web app

    Hi,   I am trying to get opinions on which tool is the best way to go about looking at a bunch of areas and planning routes. I know there is the analysis tool, but has anyone had any experience using the grid to...
    created by NWEdison1993
  • Very slow FeatureLayer

    Hello,   I am using ArcGis JS 4.11 and my maps are made here on ArcGis Online: A WebMap FeatureLayers (hosted)   I have a working sample where I use my WebMap and featurelayers, but it is soooo slow when...
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  • .slpk file - Good in Arc Pro, but acting strange in ArcGis Online

    Hello GeoNet Friends!   I am working with some a tiled 3D model that I built with Agisofts Photoscan and exported as Scene Layer Package.   I have an interesting situation going on when I try and add the ....
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