• 'Select multiple' functionality in feature reports (Survey123)

    Is there any way I can format Survey123 feature reports to list out answers to select multiple questions? Here's what I found online about this type of conditional formatting:    ${select_multiple|appearanc...
    created by DawoodGISMngr
  • Using Desktop to create an offline map

    Hello I was reading through the articles and I didn't see a step by step guide to how to accomplish this task. I essentially want to use desktop or Pro to create a map with a shapefile that can be updated in collecto...
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  • Downloading Maps in Collector app

    Hello, When trying to download a map onto my ipad using Collector I receive an error message "exporting data for layer 0 failed" I have checked my settings in My Content Arc GIS online  for both the map and the ...
    last modified by fionadonaldmelville
  • Monitoring web service requests using Fiddler

    In a previous blog post, my esteemed colleague and board game nemesis Kelly Gerrow-Wilcox discussed the basics of capturing web traffic in a web browser using the built in browser developer tools.  But what about...
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  • ArcGIS Companion on AppStudio

    Hi I wanted to know if it's possible to have an example of the ArcGIS Companion mobile application or the source code to modify it in AppStudio.
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  • How do I get a streamed feature to auto-update in collector for arcgis?

    While I stream along lines in the field with collector, I need to have such lines viewed from the office by my colleagues AS I STREAM. Somehow, the lines are only visible when I manually submit/  update. Is ...
    last modified by gis10enj
  • Adding a point feature at a device's current location

    Good Day, I have been using the code below to zoom to the device's location and add a point feature based on the device's current location by clicking any where on the screen. The feature is being added to the service...
    created by glalla_uwi2017
  • Edit color of polygon in arcgis Android SDK (100.3.0)

    I have a feature service which plots the polygon on ArcGIS Tile Map and I am storing the geo-database for offline usage. Now I am required to make update to the color of polygon when tapped on that polygon and update ...
    last modified by Pratik_Burkhawala01
  • Maps that are visible in the Explorer app are no visible in the Collector app.

    I've created organization maps in both ArcGIS Online and PRO. Shared them with the organization and our internal group. When I open ArcGIS Explorer app, I can choose a map from those made with ArcGIS Online or shared ...
    last modified by mpeagan_73
  • Screensharing from Mobile Devices using Zoom (iOS & Android)

    Picture the scenario: You are working with Collector for ArcGIS, but you continue experiencing minor problems with adding points. You give your friendly Esri Support Analyst a call and they begin walking you through s...
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  • Enterprise Custom Symbology in Collector Offline

    I have an ArcGIS Pro project set up to publish a feature layer with custom symbology (feature templates are created for each layer). I can publish the service without issue to both AGOL and ArcGIS Enterprise (hosted o...
    created by ageojonesNSAR
  • How to use GPS location from mobile phone for further automated GeoProcessing?

    I need to use location provided by mobile device application as an input to generate near table tool for automated geo-processing service.. i'm not sure if i can use GeoEvent Layer and how? or to develop code?   ...
    created by ahmed.adam
  • Survey123 Error when publishing

    Hello,    I am attempting to publish this updated survey form but keep encountering this error. Attached is the Excel form with the field names and here is a screenshot of the issue:     I am c...
    last modified by NCKingTides_UNC
  • Logging Into Esri Collector App

    Hi,   We are having trouble logging onto the ESRI Collector app. It seems we need an organization URL?    Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks, Darren
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  • customized CSV file format

      Hi, We have created WEB Apps using  of ArcGIS Online Web App builder. We are using CSV file Export  data for public data sharing(as shown in Image above).   Is it Possible...
  • Whether ARCGis Online Operational Dashboards supported by smartphones..? Any recent updates..?

    We have tested   Operational Dashboards in tablets.But in mobiles unable to open Dashboards.. Whether ARCGIS Online Operational Dashboards  not supported by smartphones..? Any recent updates..?
    last modified by Chethana@Mdps.gov.qa
  • Field Types changing and coded text values not being present when using collector application on iPAD in the field

     I'm currently using the ArcCollector app to collect and store information related to our field sampling. I am having a very confusing experience with the app ( which is being used off of an iPad ), it seems to w...
    last modified by dmm1013
  • Functionality of ArcGIS 10.5.1

    I followed all directions to download and install ArcGIS 10.5.1. However, while working on data files (Global Terrorism Database) on ArcMap 10.5.1 by downloading data from ArcGIS Online, the program is not working pro...
    last modified by shyamal65
  • AGOL Print Widget Basemap "Map data not yet available"

    When I use the Print Widget in a Web AppBuilder Application the basemap does not load in all cases.  If I zoom out the basemap does load.  A message is substituted "Map data not yet available".  
    last modified by rstjohn
  • Crowdsource Reporter

    In this pre-configured app displaying the results in the ESRI Geocoder search box you have to click a plus sign to expand the suggestions and make your choice. All the other apps I've built using App Builder show the ...
    created by djoedunn