ASP Online Ranks Esri as a Top Ten Support Website of 2016

Blog Post created by GLehner-esristaff Employee on Jun 20, 2016
asp_logo.jpgASP, the Association of Support Professionals, is commonly recognized as the most reputable and non-biased technical support website evaluation and ranking organization in the industry.

In preparation for the redesign of our own support website, Esri’s Online Support Resources team has been working with the ASP for over six years, gleaning years of best practices from other award-winning technical support websites. It has been one of our team’s goals to submit our own website for this year’s competition. Our new Support website was launched last month on May 26th, and the evaluation results for the Top Ten were announced last week.

It is our pleasure to announce that this year, Esri’s technical support website has been awarded by the ASP one of 2016's Top Ten Support websites. For this competition, the ASP appoints five experienced judges, who develop and maintain support websites, to evaluate industry websites in 25 different categories. Though the ASP ranks the Top Ten technical support websites, they segment this list into three categories. Large companies (five companies with over 1 billion dollars in revenue), mid-sized companies (four companies whose revenues range from 100 million to 999 million), and small companies (one company whose revenue is under 100 million dollars).

In the "Large Company" category, Esri was ranked in the top five best websites of the year. All other award winners in this category are recognized industry leaders and household names.

Large Company (over $1 billion)- Cisco
- Dell Software- Esri
- Red Hat
- Symantec

Medium Sized Company ($100 million to $999 million)- Jive
- Blackbaud
- Nutanix

Small Company (under $100 million)
- Tricentis

Award winners in previous years include Microsoft, Adobe, Intel, IBM, McAfee, HP, Juniper Networks, Oracle, Nokia, SAS, EMC, and more. Please note that all other winners in this year’s large company category are considerably larger than Esri.

We are always driven to provide our customers and partners with the best support experience possible, whether it is online, over the phone, or in person - and this is certainly another milestone along accomplishing and sustaining these goals and aspirations.

For more information about the ASP Best Web Support Sites competition, please visit their website.
Michael Kim - Director of International Support