Announcing the Next Generation of ArcGIS Ideas in the Esri Community on GeoNet!

Blog Post created by kpinkston-esristaff Employee on May 23, 2016
UPDATE: The current ArcGIS Ideas site will be placed in read-only mode beginning Wednesday, May 25th. Users will be able to post, comment, and vote on existing ideas in the Esri Community on GeoNet on the evening of Thursday, May 26th.


As previously mentioned, we are excited to announce that the ArcGIS Ideas site has a new home in the Esri Community on GeoNet! The move is set to happen on the evening of May 26th, 2016 so mark your calendars!

Your existing ideas and comments will be seamlessly integrated into the ArcGIS Ideas Space and can be accessed via the existing URL: A link will also be added to the global banner which appears throughout all of GeoNet.geonetideas.jpg

Much like the old ArcGIS Ideas site, the new home page will feature the most recent and top ideas that have been submitted and more.  The GeoNet platform also offers new and exciting features. Here are the top three to look forward to in the ArcGIS Ideas Space:Updated Categories – Ideas will be organized based on our current products and capabilities, to make submitting and browsing easier.Revamped Statuses – New statuses will be implemented to improve the visibility of the life cycle of an idea. They will describe the varying stages of an idea's life from the time it's submitted to the time it's reviewed, considered, and potentially implemented, etc.Collaboration Tools – It will be possible to @mention people, places and content across the Esri Community to directly link an idea or comment to another entity in Geonet. Including additional authors on your idea will also be possible to foster collaboration with your peers.

Keep an eye out for additional blogs and content to get better acquainted with this exciting new space. On May 25th, all existing content on the current ArcGIS Ideas site will be read-only. Following this date, you will be redirected to the Esri Community when accessing

Please continue to share your ideas and feedback with us. We want to hear from you and we’re thrilled about this opportunity to introduce ArcGIS Ideas to the Esri Community!
Kirsten P. - ArcGIS Desktop Advocacy Lead