Product Mapping for the New Request Case Web Form

Blog Post created by geonetadmin on Feb 20, 2016
Esri Support has launched an updated version of the Support Request Form, now known as the Request Case web form. You can access the Request Case web form from the Esri Support website home page by clicking the Support Request Form button. This new web form streamlines the support request process and includes a number of new features.

Support case requests that are submitted through this new web form are routed to specialized teams inside of Esri Support. This routing is based on the product and issue topics that you select on the webform. Esri products are grouped by technology into product categories and product sub-categories. If you choose to describe your product, use the product category drop-downs on the first page of the new web form, as shown in the image below.

Support Request Case Product Selection

In case it is needed, we have created a reference table which shows the products in their respective categories. Use the Esri Support Product Mapping table below to find the appropriate product category and/or sub-category for your product.

New Esri Support Product Mapping

If you cannot find your product in the table above or the web form drop-downs, please select "Other" for each product and category field, as shown below.

Support Request Case Other Product

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