New Calendar-based Support Life Cycle for Esri Software

Blog Post created by geonetadmin on Feb 28, 2014
On Mesri2.pngarch 1st, we introduced a significant improvement to our Product Life Cycle Support Policy to help our customers better plan for Esri software release implementation in their organizations.  For many of our products, we changed from a version-based product support life cycle model to a new calendar-based approach. This means that for most new ArcGIS product releases, we will publish the exact dates for all phases of the Product Life Cycle at the date the product is released.

With this new calendar-based approach, you will know exactly when – and for how long – a new release is supported in each phase of the life cycle at the time of the release – providing predictability, transparency, and consistency.

For details on this new policy, please click the “Product Life Cycle Support Policy” link under Related Documents on the Esri Product Life Cycles page.Note: These changes apply primarily to ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server and related products.  ArcGIS Online and related products generally do not fit a calendar-based model.See the Esri Product Life Cycles pageJessica G. - Online Support Resources