Can I stay updated on the latest revisions to online templates?

Blog Post created by ANohe-esristaff Employee on Jan 15, 2014
Staying updated on the latest revisions to online templates can sometimes prevent problems from appearing further down the road, and is one way a user can avoid being in a situation where they would need to start customizing their template from scratch. Users are able to check on the updates for their application that they downloaded through the GitHub page.

Most applications that are showcased on have the option to allow users to view the source code.sourceCode-300x28.png

The source code will have all of the code that has been written for every release of that application listed on the GitHub page. The most recent version of the source code can be downloaded from the GitHub page via the 'Download ZIP' button outlined in red in the graphic below.downloadZip-300x187.png

If you have already downloaded the latest version of the application, be sure to write down the date somewhere so you can manage the updates as they become available. About once a month, log in to the applications GitHub page and click on the 'commits' button.commits-300x79.png

Here you are able to view every change that has been made to the source code, including the date that the code was updated. When using an application that can be customized, it is useful to stay updated with the source code, rather than re-download the source code and start customizing from the beginning when a major change has been made to the logic of the code.

When clicking on an individual commit, it will show you the name of the commit, the number of lines changed, the name of the file changed, and the line on which the file was changed.commitDetails-300x255.png

From there, the users are then able to go into their own application and make the updates to the source code as they deem necessary based on the commits that were provided to the source code. Instead of worrying about changing the code in major portions, you can keep the application updated in smaller bits. This will allow you to use the latest application at all times, and you may even circumvent issues that may be present in the code with which you had originally started.

Good luck with your application!Alexander N. - Desktop Support Analyst