Common resolutions to being unable to view Virtual Campus videos

Blog Post created by ANohe-esristaff Employee on Dec 12, 2013
Virtual Campus courses are an online community of users that are receiving training in a fully self-paced environment. Several different kinds of Virtual Campus courses can be taken at Sometimes, after registering for a course, users are unable to view the course videos. When this happens, the following steps are recommended for users to troubleshoot the issue.
  1. Make sure a supported version of Adobe Flash player is installed. The operating system should be running version 9 or later. To find out what version is installed, go to Flash player is not required to view the course videos, but it is required to view the live training seminars.
  2. The system must be running a supported browser. Esri currently supports Internet Explorer versions 7 through 11 as well as the most recent version of Firefox and Chrome. If the user has trouble with one browser, try viewing the video in a different browser.
  3. If the user is unable to view the video in multiple browsers, your associated organization may be blocking the server that hosts our training videos. Please work with your IT department to add an exception to your firewall to allow streaming from the following location:*
  4. Resetting the browser cache may resolve the issue by clearing out old information that the browser is relying on.
To reset the cache in Firefox:
  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Del. This opens the Clear Recent History window.
  2. Make sure that Cache is checked, and press Clear Now.
ClearFireFox-300x290.pngTo reset the cache in Internet Explorer:
  1. Go to Tools (Alt + X) and then click on 'Internet options'.
  2. In the General tab, click on 'Delete...' under Browsing history.
  3. Make sure that Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History are checked. Press the Delete button.

After performing the aforementioned steps, you should then be able to see the course videos. If you are otherwise unable to see the course videos, please contact Support with information on the following:
  • The specific error messages that are being received, and at which point in the process that the error is received
  • Which web browser (and version) is being used
  • Which operating system the computer is using

I hope that you all find this helpful! Thanks!Alexander N. - Support Services Analyst