Getting to know Esri Support: Prasad P.

Blog Post created by RGopalKrishnan-esristaff Employee on Dec 9, 2013
In this issue of the "Getting to know Esri Support" series I interviewed Prasad Prabhakaran, one of the group leads for the International Support Center, Malaysia.Prasad4.pngSupport Services Blog: Hello Prasad, please tell us a little about yourself.Prasad: I've been in the IT industry for the past 13 years. I was in the Customs IT department for four years, then I moved into the oil and gas industry and for eight years I worked for ExxonMobil. Now I'm with Esri and have been here for the past nine months.SSB: Describe a day in the life of a group lead.Prasad: As a group lead I have multiple roles. I look into resources within the team and I make sure that all the operation tasks are executed efficiently on a daily basis. I also have to meet the operation KPIs and ensure that there is no breakdown in the support process.SSB: What kind of support incidents do you face daily?Prasad: Currently we support product licensing issues. We also assist customers with installing their various Esri products. At the moment we are only handling licensing and implementation issues, but moving forward as the team matures, we will be opened to various kinds of technology to provide overall support for customers.SSB: What are the pros and cons of leading a team?Prasad: I would say people management is a con, but it is a challenge I've taken on as a lead. The pros of leading a team are that it gives you the room to push your capabilities in producing results, and the role teaches you a valuable lesson in what it takes to manage a team successfully.SSB: You've recently been commended for doing a great job in leading your team - what would you say has been your biggest inspiration and motivation?Prasad: Self-confidence! That's what drives and motivates me. Also, based on experience and the nature of the industry I've been exposed to, I like to be challenged. My inspiration is - be the best in what you do.SSB: What are your hobbies and interests?Prasad: My hobbies and interests have always been sports, especially football, and travelling. I've played football for the state and for a local club. And I travel for football matches too! I've been to Old Trafford in the UK a couple of times for football matches and my ultimate goal is to attend a World Cup football match - football is my most passionate hobby. Apart from travelling for football, I also love travelling to explore other countries and their culture. I've already covered South East Asia; I've been to parts of Europe, the Oceanic countries and South America. I've yet to visit the Middle East and Africa and I'm keen to.SSB: Do you have any tips or useful suggestions for other aspiring team leads?Prasad: Ensure quality in work and strive for excellence and efficiency. If someone is aspiring to be a team lead, emphasis on team work is very important as no success can be achieved individually. I'm a firm believer in working closely with my team. And above all, be patient and do not be rash when you make decisions.Rajeshwary K. - Online Support Resources